Methodist Division Urges Full Support for Government, Links to Other Stories

The Methodist Church of Fiji Indian Division is urging the people of Fiji to lend their full support to the government to make peace and progress in Fiji.

In his new year’s message the Church Indian Divisional Superintendent-Reverend William Lucas says government is fully committed to bring peace by bringing multiracialism in Fiji.

Reverend Lucas says one of the best resolution people can make for the new year is to work towards peace, harmony and stability by supporting the government.

He also says parents should try and spend more quality time at home with their families as many times children are neglected by elders at home.

Reverend Lucas says no amount of domestic violence and fighting in homes could bring peace in a family and everyone must ensure that the coming new year is kept free of abusive and assault incidents.


PSA SAYS 2010 A GOOD YEAR. Charter goals on track.

RATU ILOILO TURNS 90. Born 28 December 1920, and still going.

LOCAL GOVTS TOLD TO IMPROVE SERVICES. Rates and blocked drains the main complaints.


CHINESE 99 YEAR LEASE FOR  CEMENT FACTORY. The new factory at Veisari, Lami, near Suva.

PAYING PATIENTS TO PAY MORE. No change for non-paying patients but ...


Indian Methodist division? said…
So croz, in this new united Fiji why is there a Methodist Indian Division? Or is it in the slippery slope that you support rules only apply to Fijians and not indo Fijians?
And perhps someone needs to explain to this confused 'Indian Division' the difference between a government and a junta?
Croz Walsh said…
@ Indian Methodist .... I assume you know nothing about Fiji or the organization of the Methodist Church. I had nothing to do with church organization or with the report -- other than publishing it. Perhaps you should write to the Church to ask why it has an Indian Division?
Divisions by Ethnicity for religious ends said…
@ Indian Methodist Church Division...

Well, the term speaks for itself! How come no one has queried this previously? If ever there were a form of words demonstrating inherent dysfunction, this must be it! The World governing body of the Methodist Church should now look into the affairs of its 'divisions' here in Fiji and how they have promoted ethnic division in themselves. The very fact that they appear to have a 'stand off' position is worthy of searching analysis. To decide to enjoin unity after a period of twenty years of disunity serves to demonstrate just how awry the steering of this hapless institution has become. Apart from the funding and facilitation of a doctoral study on Methodist Church Choirs in Fiji, one has never come across a study which might shine some light on this phenomenon. Time for one now.
snoopy said…
Dear Croz - A quick note to thank you for the great work you are doing. I am sure there are many of us who enjoy reading your unbiased and optimistic vision for Fiji. You have been one of the few voices who have been willing to look at both sides of a story. The SDL supporters have cornered the blogs to promote an Anti Government message so it has been nice to also see someone unbiased and neutral spread a balanced message.

Pls keep up the great work as there are many (silent majority) who agree with you and appreciate what you are doing.

Happy New Year!!
My way or the highway said…
It seems strange to me that on the one hand the PM says religion should stay out of politics and concentrate only on spiritual things. He is very firm on this.... except when a religious organisation supports him and his military government. Then its OK.

We the same contradiction with the chiefs and villages - they should butt out of politics except when supporting him and his military.

The PM would be more honest in saying people and organisations are free to support him anytime/anyplace/anyhow.

Any one who does not agree with him has to crawl into a hole or feel the full weight of his military.

Any one remember him saying the Chiefs should sit under a mango tree and drink home brew....yet now he claims the same chiefs support as some part of his validity.
Liu Muri said…
The first respondent, "Methodist Indian", before asking Croz or the International Methodist Church about the racial division in a Church needs to read more about Fiji's history. If he needs to have an answer as to why racial division in the new united Fiji’s church, he needs to seek answers from Ratu Mara and Ratu Penaia Ganilau in heaven (or perhaps in Hell) why during the so called multiracial Fiji in 1970s had Indian Alliance, The Fijian Association and the General Electors (Kai Loma)? Fiji was divided on racial lines by the British so they could exploit the racial division in Fiji the same way they exploited in Division of India and Pakistan.
Ropate Leka said…
Chinese cement factory to supply imported cement to supply cement for Chinese infrastructure being built from Chinese loans. Byebye Fiji Industries.
Africa repeats itself said…
@ Ropate

Spot on my friend.
This is a classic replication of the tin pot dictators in Africa.
Where Fiji is heading under the military junta and its rather interesting handful of coup supporters is just so predictable. We've seen it all before.