(o) Possible Explanation for Blog Blocks

It seems there are some very real concerns about national security  and, from the PM's comments in the Fiji Sun, blogs could be part of the issue. Two important events are taking place: the Attorney-General's two day meeting at the Warwick Hotel on Cybernet Crime, and the announcement of the Budget.  Both events will attract a lot of attention. Anti-Government activists  wishing, for example, to deter more tourists from visiting Fiji could well target one or both events.  I also understand that there are widespread rumours of a "political party" seeking to more actively destabilize Government.

If this information is accurate, I still think a better option for the PM is it make it public rather than blocking blogs and other means of communication. This leave people -- most importantly the Fiji public -- guessing about causes, and prevents those who support him from doing so  more publicly.  I understand that the blogs are now (Friday morning) unblocked!

I will not comment further until there's something more substantial to report.  But readers' ideas on the situation, and how Fiji readers may access at least this blogsite, would be much appreciated.  Please comment in "Comments" below, or email me.

STOPPRESS  One easy way to access a blog is just to go to http://unblockandsurf.com/ and type the web address (e.g., www.crosbiew blogspot.com) in the box provided. 


FijiToday said…

I am aware that several of my workmates continued to access your site by having a friend in Australia simply repost your site in a seperate directory on their Aus companies website. As the user has to type in a series of numbers after the company web address it is secure unless you know it is there.

eg www.mycompany/2367438.html

Suggesting mirror sites may help maintain access.
Croz Walsh said…
Vinaka. Most helpful. It seems important to have several avenues so that if one is closed, others are still available.
Contraption said…
Whats the possibility of VIRUS' being attached to Blog sites to affect blogger-loggers?
Edge said…
The Fiji Times seems to have lost its sense of humour. Netani Rika used to have a fantastic column in the Sunday Times right next to Robert Keith-Reids' piece. It was a good open hearted poke at government. (the then govt) Everyone saw the humour, had a good laugh and the politicians grinned or grimaced. Every now and then the duo would report about a foot in the mouth here and there, but the press was free.
joe said…
Blog sites that report irresponsibly should be blocked by all means, eg Brijlal said that he was not manhandled, but 4.5 reported otherwise. Who would you believe?
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bathmate said…
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