(o) Fijj Expells High Commissioners. Sad Day for All

Coupfourpointfive  reports  that Fiji has given Australia and New Zealand 24 hours to remove their representatives. Fiji will also be recalling its High Commissioners.  The recent visa issues involving Fiji's judiciary are the obvious reason. Fiji sees these incidents as interference with its judiciary and an attempt to undermine an essential function of the state. I think Fiji's reaction an unwise over-reaction of no  benefit to the country. But this is not the first time Bainimarama has acted like this. I wonder why Australia and New Zealand did not anticipate his response. But perhaps they did! 

It is time all parties showed some skills in diplomacy. Knee-jerk reactions and inflexible policies have done nothing to improve the situation for the past three years.


Anonymous said…
Why is this a sad day for all? What's sad is that it's taken so long for Fiji to assert itself against its bully boy neighbours.

What right has Australia got to warn Sri Lankan judges heading for Fiji about anything? This is a direct attack on the independence of the judiciary.

Australia said it contacted the judges as a matter of "courtesy". Bollocks. It was threatening them as part of its general campaign against Fiji.

Good riddance to the Aussies and Kiwis, I say. They've thrown their weight around enough in our part of the world. And good on Frank for kicking sand in their faces.

Do your worst Australia and NZ. As if anyone cares.
Anonymous said…
Just heard Aussie PM Rudd say on ABC Radio that he'll continue to take a hard line against Fiji "to stop the spread of a coup culture in the South Pacific". "That's the bottom line", he said.

So that takes preference to stopping racist governments from marginalising substantial minorities, which is what Frank Bainimarama prevented in Fiji.

Never mind that most island states don't have armies remotely capable of seizing power and subduing their populations, PNG included.

The base line here seems to be that Australia and NZ will tolerate any government pursuing any agenda, however vile, so long as it's democratically elected.

By the same logic, the allies sat on their hands in Europe during the 1930s while the Jews were targeted by a democratically elected government in Germany.

Scoff if you will at the comparison but the Australian and NZ response to Fiji is another case in a which "principle" asserts itself over justice and morality to the detriment of ordinary people.
Anonymous said…
Maybe the leaders of both Australia and New Zealand are too young to remember the reign of the Nazis in Germany? But they do now know of terrorism and its fatal consequences not only for those who are killed and traumatised but also for institutions of governance. Look at Afghanistan - look and weep. What form of democracy are they compelled to embrace at the risk of losing their lives and having their inked fingers amputated by the Taliban. Fiji has known terror and hostage-taking linked to terrorism and mutiny. Never again shall those responsible subject our Court System to undue influence: covertly or overtly. Capacity building for Fiji's courts would prove that our neighbours are not "out to get us". Sadly, to date they have failed to demonstrate the contrary. We want a "brighter future" and we shall choose assistance from those who wish it for us. Dignity comes through affirmed sovereignty.
snoopy said…
I do not support the Government of Commodore Banimarama as he obtained power through a coup whatever the reason.

However we now need to get Fiji back on a path to Democracy. Australia and NZ trying to interfere in the judicial appointments of a country is going way too far. In fact they should be assisting Fiji in getting the judiciary functioning.

The people of Fiji should not continually be punished by Australia and NZ.
snoopy said…
In this instance Banimarama and his cabinet who approved the decision have done the right thing. Australia and NZ have gone too far.
Caromio said…

'Scoff if you will at the comparison...'

I didn't scoff, I nearly fell off my chair with laughter! You have got to be joking.

I look forward to your next recycling of excerpts from 'The Dictators Handbook'....everyone hates us, they don't understand us, we do it for the wider good - that sort of thing.
Anonymous said…
Coromio, you're a dope. The principle, my friend, the principle. The notion that democracy is more important than racial equality.

The Afghanistan example cited earlier is a good one. There's no history of democracy in Afghanistan but Australia and the other protagonists there insist on having one.

So Mohammed Kazai has to go to the polls when what Afghanistan really needs is a strong bastard to maintain order and fight the extremists.

Kebang! It all turns to merde and sprays the democrats with the result of their force feeding.

The fact is democracy comes from the ground up when societies develop to the necessary stage. It can't be foisted on anyone and shouldn't be defended when it significantly disadvantages large sections of any population, as in Fiji.
Caromio said…

I'm still laughing........the Nazis, Afghanistan, Democracy disenfranchises minority groups.......I'm waiting for the next one......
Anonymous said…
Caromio my dear,

Well you're obviously a laughing jackass and I can't help you.

Just keep taking the tablets.
Edge said…
I have a feeling Aust and NZ want us to employ their judges. hehe

I would like to ask who is Aust defending... are they defending the people of Fiji? From whom? From our government? Why?
If it is defending the people of Fiji why have relatives of military personnel been put on travel ban? What is their fault? What is the fault of the judges from Sri Lanka? Sometimes I wonder if our Big Brother neighbors have lost the plot. Croz, can you do a survey of 1,801 Auzzies and ask them what they think of the Fiji government, Fiji, the people, the hotels, our rugby team... etc.

Could be only the few people in parliament who are doing this to Fiji. I have met so many Australians who love Fiji.
Anonymous said…
This was an act of sheer folly.