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I'Taukei History

OPINION: Cleaning Up Our History – A Way Forward For ITaukei October 10 09:252015 Print This ArticleShare it With Friends  by Mosese Bulitavu, SUVA 0 Comments Mosese Bulitavu is a lawyer and a SODELPA MP The abolishment of the Great Council of Chiefs has become a subject of political debate. Whilst the Bainimarama Government is firm that the Great Council of Chiefs was politicised, on the contrary Indigenous rights groups claim that native legislations which were entrenched under the 1997 Constitution are no longer protected. Given the differing views the writer is of the idea that iTaukei people need to revitalise their history and transmit to the future generations the correct systems and identity that makes iTaukei people unique as a tribal unit. The writer is of the view that indigenous rights must not be used as the reason to restore the Great Council of Chiefs by advocating the group rights that make tribes fall under the Confederation of KubunaBurebasaga and Tovata which reco…