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Media Freedom in the Pacific: The Rhetoric and the Reality-- Crosbie Walsh

What follows is the unpublished half finished draft and speaking notes of an address I gave to AUT journalism students three years ago. Hence the green highlighting and underscoring.  Much has happened since but the paper is as valid now as it was then. --  Croz  
All good research, and this includes work by journalists, should start with a definition of terms. And tonight we cannot proceed unless we define the five key terms in the title, and recognize they all have different meanings for different people. If I may borrow from the title, this is my first task: to ask rhetorical questions about the reality of the terms we use.
Let' s take the the easiest word: the Pacific, and recognize that I'm trying to define its meaning in a politically charged environment. We may for a start ask: does it include NZ's Pasifika or Maori? Or are only indigenous people who reside in the Islands Pacific Islanders?
In the Fiji context, some Taukei say that only full-blooded indigenous…

Auckland Political Journalism Conference and David Robie's book "Don't Spoil My Beautiful Face"

NZ: Live streaming links for Asia-Pacific political journalism conference
Wednesday, November 26, 2014 Item: 9065 AUCKLAND (Pacific Media Watch): Asylum seekers in the Pacific, media freedom issues, post-elections Fiji, climate change, the climate of impunity in the Philippines and investigative documentaries in Timor-Leste, Australia and New Zealand are among the wide-ranging topics featured at a three-day political journalism in the Asia-Pacific conference opening tomorrow. The conference is marking 20 years of publishing the research journal Pacific Journalism Review. Walter Fraser, head of Pacific Advancement at AUT University, will open the conference on Thursday morning and Vice-Chancellor, Derek McCormack, will make a presentation of a mega cartoon to the editorial team on Friday, 5-6pm, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the journal. Fifteen journalists are covering the conference, including from Antara News Agency in Indonesia and the Bangkok bureau of TV Asahi of Japan. He…

China's PM Visits: Some Implications

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Bloomberg     -     21 Nov 14
Xi’s Pacific Islands Tour Deepens China Clout Further South
By Ting Shi 
President Xi Jinping arrived in Fiji today as he seeks to broaden China’s economic and strategic clout in the South Pacific, building on trade ties that flourished after then-army chief Frank Bainimarama staged a coup almost eight years ago. The Fiji trip -- the first state visit by a Chinese leader -- bookends Xi’s 11th foreign sojourn since he became president in March 2013, doling out billions of dollars to countries from Tanzania to Costa Rica and Sri Lanka. China seized the advantage when Fiji’s ties with neighbor Australia cooled after the putsch in December 2006, and total trade has since quadrupled. It also continues Xi’s message of soft power as he balances an expanding military and claims to territory in the western Pacific against a growing economic interdependence. As host this year of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, …