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Political Update for the Third Week of May

It's a mixed bag this week with more of the same from Government and the opposition parties, new happenings in voter registration and education, an update on renewable energy, something more on land, and an update and insight into government work and planning on rural and outer island development. There's also mention of a convicted sex offender in the pulpit after his release, the PM's alleged astronomical salary, and further statements from SODELPA, NFP and FLP. 
My posting on Thursday noted what could become a turning point in Taukei voting. Kubuna chiefs said their people would vote as they wished and not according to how their chiefs instructed them. Let my people go!
IT'S THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED. Elections officers who are preparing voting procedures and voter education material for disabled people  are in the process of identifying a consultant to help them.
The Elections Office has been closely discussing the needs on voting day of persons with disabi…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Bus Stand Upgrade

Thank you Suva City Council for the move to upgrade the Suva bus stand. Like I said before, its never too late. But it seems we only act when tragedies happen, don't you think so?

Anyway, the commuter has to be told not to cross between buses. There has to be proper markings where the commuter can cross.

We need to have wardens present at the bus stand telling people where not to cross. And it has to be an on going exercise because of the attitude of our people.We will go full ahead with enforcement and later on it will peter out - its a common thing in Fiji.

And as for the petering out of enforcement - let's look at the pedestrian crossing thingy, where people were fined for crossing "illegally". What happened to that? We now have the no smoking laws. I wonder how long they'll last. If they stop,  I'll say, "I told you so."

Suva Bus Stand Safety

Listening to radio announcers talk about the LTA officer at the Suva bus stand doing hi…

Times They Are a'Changing

Bau chief Ratu Epenisa Cakobau

Your viewsPeople of Tailevu have the freedom to choose who to vote forRead or post your commentsPeople of Tailevu have the freedom to choose who to vote for
Taukei may no longer feel it is their traditional duty to vote according to what their chiefs tell them. Indeed, some chiefs will tell their people to vote for whom they please as this Fiji Village article indicates. The Kubuna initiative could be quite a setback for SODELPA whose forebear, SDL, relied heavily on Taukei voting as their chiefs directed.

People of Tailevu have the freedom to choose who to vote for

The chiefs and the people of the vanua of Kubuna will make their individual choices on who they will vote for in the September 17th general election.

This is the response from the chiefly herald of the Vunivalu of Bau Josua Dainiteri following the visit by the leader of the Social Democratic Liberal Party Ro Teimumu Kepa and senior officials of the party last night.
Dainiteri said Bau chief Ra…

A Correction from Nirmal Singh

Nirmal Singh 12:30pm Sep 30 Bula Mr. Walsh! Hope all is well with you. Nirmal Singh 11:22am May 14 Bula Vinaka Mr. Walsh. Hope all is well with you. Just to clarify that i was never a member of FLP, therefore, i neither resigned or was sacked. As you know i was one of the founders of PDP and left because of change of direction of the party esp so when it started deviating from peoples party to that of trade union. Regardless of politics i talk to all political leaders including Mr Chaudhry. I still enjoy very good relations with the leaders of PDP. I can proudly say that i am probably the only politician who speaks to all political leaders of this country and enjoy warm relations with all of them. Joining Sodelpa is about reaching out. I ma sure you have probably read the media coverage in respect of this. We have to move beyond race! I thought i will just clarify. Take care . loloma, Nirmal

My Advice to Government and Fiji First

A sequel to "My Advice to the Opposition Parties" By Crosbie Walsh
I asked a reader what he would like to see in the lead up to the elections. He replied, "Bainimarama enters the election contest in a position of strength and from my point of view, he can afford to be much much more accommodating than he has shown in the past." This also is my opinion.

The incumbent nearly always has an advantage and with PER behind them, the obvious popularity of Bainimarama, a strong and loyal military and police force, and MIDA and election offices in place Bainimarama and Fiji First  can afford to relax a little and be more heedful of genuine critical suggestions.

This will not be easy for Bainimarama. He is a military man accustomed to being obeyed. But as a civilian now seeking the highest elected post in the country he needs to adopt new and more inclusive approaches. Only in this way will he succeed in his ambition to build a new and better Fiji. My reader thinks Bainimarama…

Fiji Girmit Remembrance Day 14 May 2014 and May 2010

Ranjit Singh writes: "We salute our forebears. On this Fiji Girmit Remembrance Day on 14 May, we salute the sacrifices and vision of our Girmitiya forebears. Their resolve ensured that the plan of the British to keep Girmitiya children uneducated failed. They pooled in their own resources and built primary schools in the villages. They felt a strong conviction in their hearts that education of their children would liberate them from servitude and poverty. That is exactly what happened. Today, we are the beneficiaries of that vision."

Marking 21 years of Indian subjugation in Fiji 17:32 May 17, 201013 comments Girmit (Indenture) in Fiji – 1879-1919. Pacific Scoop:
Opinion – By Rajendra Prasad, in Fiji.
It was an horrific period of our history in Fiji. A pall of darkness has descended on that period but the echoes of the cries of victims of horrific violence continue to variously affect successive generations of our people. Time has not been able to obliterate the memories becaus…

Letter from a Fijian Expat

A delayed reply! I was in Fiji early April for a week Croz The nation seems to be all go I drove the Kings Rd, beautifully sealed almost all the way And back the Queens Rd, in great nick too But the biggest surprise was Victoria Parade – as smooth as a baby’s bum! For as long as I can remember it has been very ordinary indeed, and in later years as rough as! The GPH is looking stunning And a colleague played golf at the Intercontinental at Natadola, says it is tops Click here for Natadola golf course Whilst in Suva I registered to vote, they will send me ballot papers though I am toying with being there for the elections J

You would know the national speed limit is 80km and you are not to talk on your mobile whilst driving. I was on the Kings Rd, on a wide open stretch, a…

The Contribution of Rotumans

The Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, has praised the contribution made by the Rotuman community to the life of the nation in a speech to mark Rotuma Day 2014.
He was speaking soon after arriving on the island to begin his first visit to Rotuma since 2008. As part of a ceremonial welcome, he was carried ashore from his vessel on the shoulders of the men of Juju at the start of a day of celebrations, which are also taking place in other parts of Fiji and overseas. While there are around 2,000 Rotumans who remain on the island, another 10,000 live offshore.
In his address, the Prime Minister said there is no doubt that for such a small and isolated place, Rotuma has had a disproportionate influence on Fiji's development. "We find Rotumans scattered throughout Government, the private sector, the military and other professions. I'm fond of saying that Fiji gener…

My Advice to the Opposition Parties

By Crosbie Walsh

Forgive my presumption but from where I stand the opposition parties are not helping themselves with their constant criticism of government.

They need to be more selective and they need to promote their own policies. Whichever way they look, they see Fiji's cup as half empty and are not taking full advantage of the opportunities they now have — that did not exist a month or so ago.

Putting up straw men and then knocking them down only succeeds when the audience  is ignorant or uninformed. And many people in Fiji are neither.

Fiji is not going to have a flawless election and whatever the election outcome the country will not yet be what Pope (now Saint) John Paul II prematurely described as "the way the world should be".

Fiji's undoubted charms and blessings will continue but so will its underlying problems whichever party forms the new government, and however hard that government works improvements will not be immediately obvious. To think otherwise…