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One Man, One Vote, One Value Part II: Other Types of Electorates

By Crosbie Walsh
In Part I I discussed the use of provinces as the base unit for parliamentary elections, with modifications where necessary to accommodate the wide differences that exist between provincial numbers and the representation of ethnic groups in each province. My conclusion was that a system based on provinces could not result in one man one vote one value. I likened the task to fitting round pegs in square holes.

The smaller rural iTaukei provinces had to be over-represented. A further disadvantage was that, however rearranged, some provinces and electorates would be overwhelmingly iTaukei or Kaindia, and that this division would hinder multi-ethnic and pro-Fiji work inside and outside parliament. The association with provinces by iTaukei was recognized but it was thought several structures outside parliament, most notably the Provincial Councils, could meet this need. Finally, in looking forward to the shape of a new parliament, I acknowledged the recommendations of th…