Two Readers' Suggestions and Qualified Support for (the Interim) Government

Two readers, who like me, support the PM's goals but with reservations about some of the methods have these comments I thought worth elevating to a posting so more readers would see them. Your comments are also invited, and on the original posts.

Governance, Growth and Socio-Cultural Development

A reader commenting on Monday's posting  Government Invites Public Opinions on  2012 Budget had this to say.

What do you think the chances are of government listening to my suggestions ?

(i) - Strengthening good and just governance;

A good starting point would be to release the Auditor-General's reports from 2007 to present. That can be done without even spending a cent. Next allocate money to boost the Auditor-General's role and team and make a commitment that all future reports will be made public. Good governance starts [with transparency] at the top!

(ii) raising economic growth; and

This is never a easy one. The efforts on infrastructure are worthwhile and to help fund them government good easily save significant money by reducing the overall size and expense of the RFMF. These cost savings could be diverted to infrastructure projects.

We need the help of governments. I like that we have engaged with China but let's not forget Australia and New Zealand - let's make some real progress to elections and then engage them. Enough of the egos and chest puffing. Start dialogue and work on the constitution right now. Allocate funds to do this in the budget. [Scheduled for 2012 so it will be budgeted.]

Stop the attacks on private business. In particular foreign businesses. Sorry, but we actually need the banks so stop stuffing them around by changing the rules every ten seconds. Work to remove not add more price controls. Price controls do not help the economy.

(iii) Improving socio-cultural development.

Government should stop it retribution attacks on opponents and those that have alternate views. This does not help Fiji.

The PM's Image

Another reader commented in the Daily News:

Much of the image problem the PM has is when he tries to play the roll of legitimate PM and legitimate Fiji leader. Whether it is cheering at the netball in Singapore or the sevens in HongKong or flying here there and everywhere for meetings and conferences he does not do his image any good. In fact he could be accused of the same wasting of money and feathering his family nest as all former governments.

Many like myself can live with the fact he currently has power in Fiji. Many like myself will get behind his reforms in particular FICAC and corruption fighting. And many like myself want to see free and fair elections and are prepared to wait until 2014. In time I may even forgive him for the pain he has caused my own family and friends through his retribution seeking actions.

However what grates me and leads straight into the hands of the real anti this anti that movement is him acting as a legitimate PM. He is at best a ‘interim PM’ and should act accordingly.

If he acted like a interim prime minister many more might be convinced he was doing a honest and tough job that no one else was prepared to do. They might believe he really was only acting as an agent for change, a reluctant temporary force who will return to barracks once the job is done.

How about it Mr Interim PM? Why not commit to fewer trips, no family to accompany you and less government spending on YOU and YOUR FAMILY. Step up and set the standard. I’m sure you would have FICAC chase down your foes for smaller issues…

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PM Perceptions said…

Regular readers of this blog would have seen hundreds of simple, practical suggestions on how the PM can win more support and shift the milder critics. Yet I have seen none of them implemented. I see a number of perception problems but maybe he doesn't !

PERCEPTION 1. Personal gain for him and his family.

This is not helped by the extrordianry back pay he recieved. The secrecy on salaries and photo's of his trips overseas with family members.

PERCEPTION 2. The military are untouchable and have also personaly gained.

This one is fueled by the fact so many military people have been appointed to civil roles (while keeping their military status) and to government and sporting boards. The RFMF do not appear to have shared any hardship in terms of reduction in numbers and they have enjoyed pay rises and promotions. Worst of all is the special treatment given to Francis Kean - he still has his job and new responsibilities despite being found guilty of man slaughter.

PERCEPTION 3. The PM does not keep his promises.

Look at the above points for evidence. Add to this the promised elections dates, the promised dialogue and promises on transparency. Also promises to lift the PER and to return to barracks.

PERCEPTION 4. The PM does not accept alternate views. He deals with anyone who he sees as against him. Only a few have managed to speak up without retribution.


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