Government Invites Public Opinions on 2012 Budget

Government has invited the public, for the first time, to hand in their 2012 Budget submissions for consideration.

This has been done as the 2012 Budget focuses on the formulation of policies that will contribute towards raising investments and growth while ensuring fiscal sustainability. Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Finance Filimone Waqabaca, in a public notice, said that government has commenced preparations for the formulation of the 2012 Budget.

He said that in the spirit of continuing with broad-based consultations, the Ministry of Finance invites industry representatives, employer organizations, private sector associations, and civil societies [to submit] written submissions for consideration in the 2012 Budget.

“Through this consultative platform, the Ministry of Finance seeks to ensure that views of a wider cross section of the community are taken into consideration in the formulation of the 2012 National Budget,” Mr Waqabaca said.

“A key area of focus for the 2012 Budget is the formulation of policies that will contribute towards raising investments and growth while ensuring fiscal  sustainability. In this respect, the stakeholders are invited to provide suggestions on feasible policy options that can be pursued by government to achieve these objectives and contribute towards raising the overall living standards of all people of Fiji.”

Mr Waqabaca said written submissions must be linked to the strategic focus of the Roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development 2009-2014, particularly under the three categories of:

(i) strengthening good and just governance;
(ii) raising economic growth; and
(iii) Improving socio-cultural development.
The deadline for submission is July 29.

Story by Losalini Rasoqosoqo in the Fiji Sun. 11.7.11


Anonymous said…

What do you think the chances are of government listening to my suggestions ?

(i) - Strengthening good and just governance;

A good starting point would be to release the auditor generals reports from 2007 to present. That can be done without even spending a cent. Next allocate money to boost the auditor generals role and team and make a committment that all future reports will be made public. Good governance starts at the top !

(ii) raising economic growth; and

This is never a easy one. The efforts on infrastructure are a worthwhile and to help fund them government good easily save significant money my reducing the overall size and expense of the RFMF. These cost savings could be diverted to infrustructure projects.

We need the help of governments. I like that we have engaged with China but lets not forget Australia and New Zealand - lets make some real progress to elections and then engage them. Enough of the ego's and chest puffing. Start dialogue and work on the constitution right now - allocate funds to do this in the budget.

Stop the attacks on private business. In particular foreign businesses. Sorry but we actually need the banks so stop stuffing them around by changing the rules every ten seconds. Work to remove not add more price controls. Price controls do not help the economy.

(iii) Improving socio-cultural development.

Government should stop it retribution attacks on opponents and those that have alternate views. This does not help Fiji
Growth for Fiji said…
“Raising investments and growth while ensuring fiscal sustainability.” 2012

“Enhancing Economic Growth and Inclusive Development”. 2011

"Strengthening the Foundations of Economic Growth and Prosperity" 2010

“Raising Economic Growth and Alleviating Poverty” 2009

“Building A Platform for Quick Recovery and Sustainable Growth” 2008

Every budget presented by the Interim Government has Growth as a feature and 2012 is not an exception. Unfortunately they have not delivered on this promise and the economy is still smaller than 2006. I hope the 2012 budget will be more successful
Fiji's only real growth todate... said…
It is interesting that the ONLY INDUSTRY in Fiji that has grown post the 2006 coup is the tourism insustry.

The tourism industry was hit very hard by first the coup and then second by Mahenday Chaudry. Chaudry has always disliked and not trusted tourism. He simply does not beleive in it so his first moves as finance minister was to tax it and restrict it. If Mahen had remained finance minister I doubt the tourism would have bounced back. Bounce back by the way is proably too strong. it took three year to get back to 2005/2006 levels and only now is it looking better than then. Yield is still not as strong but some have observed Fiji had becme to expensive on the world market at any rate.

So the coup caused the downturn and Mahen slowed the recovery. Who helped remove Mahen ?

It was 1) anti-coup/government forces and 2) the press. You will recall that the AG and PM both tried to clear Mahen of any wrong doings. They wanted him on side and it was only later when he became too much of a liability (because of the anti-government forees and press) that he was actually forced out. And that is when the tourism industry started to pick up.

So the only growth story this government has to hang it's hat on is one the anti-coup and former Fiji press helped ! Without the anti-coup movement and without Fiji's old press Mahen may still be around.

Now today the last thing the tourism industry needs is another coup (no thankyou Mara) or another Mahen.
Draft budget headings said…
A hardworking and honest worker in the MoF did the draft headings as follows.....

“Praying for investments and growth while hoping people don't remember....” 2012

“ starting Economic Growth and Inclusive Development”. 2011

"Building the Foundations of Economic Growth because what we did last year and the year before did not work" 2010

“Raising Economic Growth and Alleviating Poverty because nothing we did last year helped” 2009

“Building A Platform for Quick Recovery from the mess caused by our coup and Sustainable Growth” 2008

Before all the pro-coup gang jump on my back I'll see if i can find the pre 2006 ones in my file that read pretty similar !
Anonymous said…
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