Most major news and comments will still appear on the main page. 

For other postings, scroll to the bottom of the postings for postings on general Pacific Islands News, Melanesia (PNG/Solomon Is, Vanuatu); Fiji; Micronesia (Marshall Is./Nauri/Kiribati/Tuvalu);  Polynesia (Samoa/Tonga/Tokelau, and Cook Islands/Niue, ). Still working on these, and I'm not happy they are not more easily accessible, but it's the best I can do with this Blogger template.

'Counties',  see the top item on the sidebar, will eventually show basic stats (flag, map, population, area, economy, government, literacy, foreign aid, media, phone and mobile coverage) on NZ and all countries serviced by the Universities of PNG and USP, together with references to other websites.  It is hoped to make basic comparisons easy.

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