Update. Competition for the Best Caption: Minister McCully in Samoa

STOP PRESS. It would seem the photo (now removed) is of Minister McCully showing his respects to victims of the tsunami that struck Samoa two years ago.  It is therefore inappropriate and would be disrespectful to make a competition of the photo, but it is not disrespectful in  New Zealand pakeha culture to mix a political point with humour while sniping at political leaders,  as one reader suggests.

The competition for the best caption was prompted by a reader's comment to an earlier posting: "Who allowed this alien to land on earth?"  Can you come up with something as clever or funny or appropriate? Something perhaps that comments on NZ's relations with the Pacific Isands? There are no limits to the number of entries and they can be quite daring so long as they are not personal and stay within the bounds of normal decency.