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Jeremy Corbyn on UK Labour's Housing Policy

Jeremy Corbyn has described the “chilling wreckage of Grenfell Tower” as a monument to a failed economic and housing system in the UK as he set out Labour plans for city-wide rent controls and a crackdown on gentrification projects. The Labour leader used his speech to his party’s first annual conference since stripping Theresa May of a parliamentary majority to deliver his long-held ideological vision for Britain, declaring the neoliberal economic model “forged by Margaret Thatcher many years ago” as broken. Corbyn said his views, once seen as on the fringes of the Labour party, now represented the centre ground, which he said had shifted from where “establishment pundits” claimed it to be. “This is the real centre of gravity of British politics. We are now the political mainstream,” he said, contrasting Labour’s enthusiasm with a Tory party he claimed was “bereft of ideas and energy”. Jeremy Corbyn's speech to Labour conference: key points Read more In a deliberate break from the…

What to Do About Poverty and Destitution in Fiji

This is an article I wrote 20 years ago that was intended for publication in The Fiji Times. The statistics are dated but the theme and possible solutions are as valid now as they were then. And they are just as relevant to New Zealand. Croz

(Unused article prepared for the Fiji Times, based around my presentation. Journalist attended instead, and wrote a very unbalanced article which caused a backlash from the Wesleyan church.)

Asking how many poor people there are in Fiji is like asking how many angels can stand on the head of a pin. If we accept that there are angels, any number could be the correct answer, but we would have no way of knowing if our guess was correct. Angels are not a daily-sighting in Fiji. Sadly, the same cannot be said for poverty.
The UNDP/Government of Fiji Poverty Report published in 1997 said ten percent of the population did not have enough money to meet basic food needs; 26 percent could not afford basic general needs; and a further 33 percent could easi…

New Zealand and Fiji: How Much Fairer They Could Be. This Blog is Changing its focus

Fiji. My previous focus on the political situation in Fiji has now largely served its purpose, and I find myself increasingly out-of- date with everyday happenings.  I think some progress has been made since the elections but that many improvements are still needed in freedom of expression. Readers are particularly invited to comment on this broad area of remaining concern. 

Pacific and the world
 Occasional mention will also be made of other Pacific Island nations and territories -- and other countries when media and civil rights issues are raised.

New Zealand has just had an election that also raises media and civil rights concerns.  It is with these that the blog will mainly focus over the coming months. As always, informed comments will be welcomed and unfair personal attacks blocked.