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Chiefs: Some Notes for Your Input

Last weekend I published Fr Barr's article on poverty and announced a new focus for the blog in which each weekend I'd provide thoughts on a major issue.  Prompted by the parliamentary petition on the Great Council of Chiefs, I selected chiefs as the issue for this weekend. But on Thursday, after months with no proper rain, we had a deluge with flood water a metre deep in the Porirua CBD and the roof of my recently constructed patio leaking buckets.  I've spend the last two days redesigning the roof and the job is still not finished. Old bones get a little unsteady at the top of ladders.

I'd started to take notes on the promised article and re-read chunks of Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi's A Personal Perspective,  but the finished article is a long way away.  Here's some of my notes to date. Perhaps you'd like to help by adding comments that I can use in the article.

Who are the actors? The Great Council of Chiefs, the Paramount chiefs, other chiefs, the Taukei, non…