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Blog Put on Hold

I've decided to put the blog on hold for a few months. It's  summer and approaching  Christmas in New Zealand and I'm overwhelmed with domestic jobs that have been put off for too long. Running the blog is really too much for one person.

I've also run out of new things to write about.   Government news, news from the Opposition, and foreign news about Fiji is all much of the same. The themes are constant, only the detail change. There seem to be so few new voices or new ideas, and I've got the distinct impression that I've commented on it all before.

There was a time when I immodestly thought the blog  had a role to play in modifying opinions. Then, slowly, reality checked in. The New Zealand media and government are not interested in different perspectives. They have their minds made up. The opponents to the Bainimarama government likewise. And I doubt any senior member of the Fiji government even reads the blog.

I intend to keep up to date with happenings i…