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West Doubly Wrong About China

Publishing this article is a departure from the normal. All previous postings have been on Fiji.  But if the author's analysis  is even partially correct, it contains important lessons for Fiji's foreign —and internal— policies.  If China can "do it their way" and succeed, why not Fiji, and other developing countries?
Asia Sentinel, Hong Kong    -    20 Nov 13 Two Schools of Thought on China – Both Wrong Written by Eric X. Li, YaleGlobal

Li Keqiang says it’s time to get moving
With its “imminent collapse” or “peaceful evolution theories,” the West is wrong on China
From President Barack Obama’s ceding of the center stage to his Chinese counterpart at the recent APEC gathering to frenzied attempts to decipher the country’s political and economic directions from the party’s just finished Third Plenum, the rising giant of the East often dominates Western political discourse. Unfortunately, such discourses are taking place on a faulty paradigm. Ever since 1989, mainstream west…

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Free Education

My niece had enrolled her 4 year old child at a kindergarten in Suva and was given an invoice for school fees. She was taken aback by this and said very timidly, "Isa, I though education was free?" The lady at the kindy smiled and said,"Sorry dear, we were not included."

Well, unfortunately early childhood education (ECE) was not included in the free education for 2014.Government probably has it reasons. But I feel its unfortunate. ECE is a vital part of education in that it prepares a child for class one. Many parents add value to their children's education by preparing them for kindergarten. We cherish ECE but we neglect, and the evidence is its not being included in the Free education for 2014. It is not too late to include them in free education.

The Ministry of Education can still do a little for young parents struggling to get their  children to start education and prepare them for primary school by allocating funds. I'm sure there are …