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The President's Fiji Day Address

CF, LVO, OBE (Mil), OStJ, CSM, MSD President of the Republic of Fiji

My fellow Fijians,
Once again we are all celebrating Fiji Day – 43 years after our flag was first raised on Independence Day, 1970.
All over the country, families, friends and neighbours have gathered together on this holiday. I send my warmest greetings to you all.
Beyond our shores, Fijians are also celebrating. Because no matter where we are in the world, October the 10th is always a day to remember.
Tonight, we especially think of those Fijians serving the peoples of other nations…
Our peacekeepers and police officers in far-away places like Iraq, Liberia, South Sudan and on the Golan Heights, including those Fijians serving in other Armed Forces around the world, and our civilian volunteers working in schools, hospitals and clinics with our Pacific neighbours as well as those working in other countries further afield. More than ever tonight, we think of their sacrifice and commitmen…

"Fresh Policy Needed in Relations with Fiji"

I am grateful to the Dominion Post for publishing this article.  It is the first time in nearly two years that I've been able to present my opinions on the Fiji situation, and only the second article I know of that's been published which offers a view different from the official NZ government line. Please click and copy the link below, or click on
the copy on the left, to read the article.-- Croz Walsh.

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

        Nearer my God to Thee

There is still some concern with churches and homes where very loud religious gatherings are happening.

This is not a new issue. Now a radio host is concerned  because she is awakened at 4 a.m. when the preaching starts to blare out from powerful speakers. Four a.m. is when people are in deep sleep and to disturb someone's good sleep is tantamount to a criminal activity. She said that she complained to the police but the loud preaching still goes on. Do churches have any respect for the neighbourhood who do not wish to worship at such an ungodly hour?

An honest  hard working person, and even one less honest and active,  needs a good night's sleep. We talk about being healthy and the importance of sleeping normal hours, but tolerate this bloody religious group that is causing a backache and a lower ache as well.

All I can say is that some denominations seem to think that shoving their religious doctrine down people's sleeping throats by yelling…

Fiji Day 2013 Plus One (and More)

By Crosbie Walsh Reflections on Fiji Day, post-Independence Fiji and today.
The parades, salutes, messages and speeches are over for another year and it is time to review these signals from Fiji's National day.
Congratulatory messages were received from a host of nations, including the USA, but the event seemed to have passed unnoticed in Australia and NZ. Not even ABC's Pacific Beat or RNZ International had a mention. But there was one exception: 
NZ's online Scoop paper published an article by self-exiled Ratu Tevita Mara in which, among other things, he referred to a "murderous Bainimarama" (surely a libellous offence) and claimed his brother-in-law, the President, had not wished or been able to address the nation on this special day. In fact, summaries of the President's speech were published by most Fiji papers, it was broadcast live, and the full speech can be read on the Government website. 
His further claim that Fiji's "media is totally c…


Celebrate Fiji Day though this link or better still watch the celebrations live through this link