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We, the People of Fiji

                          By Jioji Kotobalavu*

A constitution cannot be presumed to be the sourcof its own political legitimacy and legal validity”
Like the 1997 Constitution, the government's draft constitution opens with the proclamation that "We, the people of Fiji ... hereby establish this Constitution for the Republic of Fiji". This declaration is of public interest because it infers the people's participation in the preparation of the constitution and that they are in general agreement with its provisions on how we are to be governed as a state. In other words, it is a constitution made and owned by the people of Fiji.

People as source of authorityThis declaration is important, too, for a closely related reason. As stipulated in article 21 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government.

A constitution sets the legal framework for the institutions and the distribution of powers,…

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On


How many more people like Chen Guoming are in Fiji, and how many hope to find refuge in the Pacific Islands?  All of the Pacific Island governments have to work together to keep these scoundrels away. We have our own problems and we don't need any more. They will probably be loaded with money made from drug sales and hope to launder it in the Pacific. It is my belief that this kind of people will come to the Pacific because they think that we have a laid back life style.

Border control agencies will have to lift their vigilance to another notch to be able to identify and catch them.

And we may need to re-look at the laws governing new crimes, because criminals could be scouring the laws of Pacific Island countries and find that they could get away with their type of crime.

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. T…

News and Comments Friday 26 July 2013

WEEKEND READING  Allen Lockington Column  Jioji Kotobalavu on constitutions

'THE ETHNIC COMPOSITON OF THE RFMF.' Please read, and add to the comments, on this earlier posting shown under the RFMF crest.

FLYING THE MSG FLAG.  Fiji will soon fly rhe Melanesian Spearhead Group flag alongside the Fiji flag at its overseas missions. It is  understood other MSG countries will follow Fiji's lead. The move is expected to strengthen the group’s presence worldwide.

FIJI WILL ACT IN ITS OWN INTERESTS. Fiji will act on its own interest and not of those who impose their will on us, says PM Bainimarama. Addressing Head of Missions, the head of the Fijian Government said “the days of us being dictated to by outsiders are over.” He said the expansion of the country’s diplomacy in the past five years is testament to the growing influence and diverse interests in a dynamic and evolving global landscape. “Fiji is becoming a cohesive, unified force that is truly independent. We are taking charge…

Social Media and the Elections

FIJI: Social media on the rise before upcoming election
Social media is predicted to influence the 2014 Fiji election. Image: Fiji Sun Thursday, July 25, 2013 Item: 8365 Rosi Doviverata SUVA (Pacific Media Watch / Fiji Sun): For the first time in Fijian elections, the use of social media will be on overdrive as polling day next year draws nearer. Political parties have no choice but to channel time and efforts to ensure such a platform is catered for. This is simply because the sought after youth vote belongs, in part, to those who visit and spend hours browsing the World Wide Web. The majority of Fiji’s population do not use social media, but while the numbers may be small, getting votes through social media will definitely be a factor for the parties, according to the Fiji Sun. The US Presidential elections last year was won by Barack Obama because he won the social media battle. At least that is what com…