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BBC News - Patrick Mercer's parliamentary questions on Fiji

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

            The Changing Workforce

A very interesting program was aired on Radio Australia recently.

Apparently, the world is moving from an experienced-base workforce to managers who are highly qualified with no experience.  But they bring with them new ideas, sometimes to a work place that was operating very well with old people and old styles.

When management posts are advertised, it will no longer necessarily be the longest serving employee with loads of experience who will get the job. It could be a young graduate fresh out of university who is highly motivated in the  field suited for the job. How do the experienced people in the work force see this? How do they feel about working under someone much younger than them who will from time to time come to them to ask for assistance?  Will they assist the new kid on the block?

Studies have shown that older managers with loads of experience will not listen to younger dynamic managers because they (the older person) think that the younger …

Fog (Nearly) All Over Canberra


Foggy Bottom is, of course, the suburb of Washington DC where the US State Department is located, along with major international institutions, including the World Bank and the IMF. Sydney has had repeated heavy fogs this winter. Canberra too gets lots of fog, particularly during autumn, winter and early spring. Now, courtesy of an interview with ANU Professor Stephen Howes, it is apparent that Australian foreign policy toward Fiji remains blanketed by a heavy fog under which utter confusion reigns. In a newspaper story, which was reproduced in Fiji, Professor Howes has told how the Australian government has been vetoing loans to Fiji by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. At the same time Australian aid to the country has doubled since the Bainimarama government came to power. Professor Howes, who has agreed with ANZ sanctions on the military regime, is concerned that the vetoing while doubling policy `seems hypocritical’.
But he does not seem concerned with…

Qarase Appeal Denied

News and Comments Thursday 30 May 2013

AUSTRALIA'S BEEN VETOING HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF LOAN MONEY TO FIJI. This revelation by a prominent Australian academic, Director of ANU's Development Policy Centre, Prof Stephen Howes, comes at the same time as Australia announced an increase in aid to Fiji (see below). We appear to have a kangaroo that is jumping in opposite directions. Prof Howes called the Australian action "hypocritical."  He added that there was also international cost to having the World Bank and ADB impose sanctions on Australia's behalf because it would reinforce the impression that those organisations were the instruments of rich countries."

The explanation for this apparent "hypocrisy" might be that World Bank and Asia Development Fund money loans go to Government to spend on infrastructural projects that help all in Fiji, while most AusAID goes to approved NGO's and targeted local projects that enhance Aussie generosity.Or am I too unkind?


News and Comments Monday 27 May 3013

NOTICE. THE CITIZENS' CONSTITUTIONAL FORUM will be holding workshops for women's NGOs on Good Governance, Citizenship and Human Rights Education, Countering Racism and Promoting Multiculturalism. Tuesday 28th – Wednesday 29th May at Tavualevu Community Hall (Tavua) and Thursday 30th – Friday 31st May at the Nadi Town Council Chambers.

COURT REJECTS GOVERNMENT CHARGE.  Former Post Fiji Managing Director Tevita Peni Mau and former General Manager Dhirendra Pratap  were found not guilty in the Suva high Court. yesterday The three assessors in the trial delivered a not guilty verdict on the charge of abuse of office against Mau and a charge of extortion by public office against Pratap. FICAC alleged that in 2006, Mau approved the payment of $5,000 to Pratap without the authority of the Post Fiji board. Pratap is alleged to have accepted the payment as reward for his performance of his duty as general manager finance. Judge, Justice Prabaharan Kumararatnam will deliver a ruling at 1…