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Best Value Under the Sun?
(Not to Rotuma) 
I read somewhere on the web the wonderful slogan for our domestic airline Pacific Sun as 'Best Value Under The Sun'.

Pacific Sun management and bosses are urged to treat their patrons and the islanders of Rotuma with more dignity and be more responsible and be more sympathetic and in the caring manner you run their air services from Fiji to Rotuma.
Yesterday 19th April 2013 at least 12 passengers left their homes as early as 12.30am from Suva and made confirmed holiday plans from as far as Hawaii to visit their exotic, incomparable island paradise. A traditional island welcome was organised on the island to excitedly welcome the arrival of a new member  of a family. A lot of preparations went into welcoming a kainaga who now makes his return to the island after 30 forlon years. Not far behind was a father excitedly looked forward to meeting up with his daughter and niece with friends from Fiji on the island who are there for …

Fiji Military in Our New Constitution

By Subhash Appana
The hottest topic in the country right now, despite the resounding political-economic and diplomatic successes of Commodore Bainimarama in PNG, is the new constitution. On the other hand, the most troubling thought in people’s minds is the role of the Fiji military and the spectre of coups that has dogged the country ever since it was decided in 1987 that a coup was not only needed, but acceptable for the country in order to ensure that “democracy was alive and well” in this our blessed country.
The reason why people think of coups in connection with the Fiji Military Forces is because each of Fiji’s coups has either been directly executed by the FMF or been backed by the same. In May 1987, even though Rabuka was the number three within the then RFMF, he had the backing of both the numbers within the force as well as the Fijian establishment – that helped legitimize and enforce that coup. The same happened in September 1987 after the Deuba Accord – between Ratu Mara,…

Fiji Loses a Wise Leader in the Passing of the Tui Macuata

The Tui Macuata, Ratu Aisea Katonivere, paramount chief of the most populous province in the Nortern Division, drowned last week in the waters he had fought so hard to protect. A firm believer in racial equality and a strong supporter of the Bainimarama Governent, he will be sorely  missed by many. 

This is the PM's official message of condolence:

The Government and the people of Fiji join the Vanua of Caumatalevu in the Macuata Province, in mourning the passing of its high chief, Na Turaga Nai Taukei Bolatagane Ratu Aisea Cavunailoa  Katonivere.

Ratu Aisea played a fundamental role in the development of our nation in particular through government’s Northern Development Plan. His genuine concern for climate change saw him strongly advocate environmental concerns at both the community and national level.

Ratu Aisea was a gentlemen in all sense of the word. His chiefly status did not deter him from hearing the views of all Fijians regardless of race, religion or creed. As a chief, thes…

It Would be Laughable If It Were Not So Pathetic

By Crosbie Walsh
Having protested, for the past six years, that the Bainimarama government is illegal — and having refused invitations by the "illegal" government to join discussions on the People's Charter, and having then opposed every move by the government (the Roadmap, the setting up of the Constitution Commission,  names for the Constituent Assembly) and having, more recently, declined to attend  public meetings on the Government's draft constitution — the United Front for a Democratic Fiji has now challenged Government to a televised public  debate on "the merits and demerits on the Peoples Draft and the 2013 Regime Draft." (If here in Godzone the Wellington Hurricanes had thought up the idea, it  would have challenged John Key in similar fashion years ago, and the "Cake Tin* would have become the Beehive**)
The so called "Peoples Draft" is that proposed by the Ghai Commission whose appointment and work they opposed from day one.…

Where are the Women?

Ed. note. I see no good reason why Government does not include specific references in the draft constitution to women and iTaukei land. Land may be protected in other ways, as Government says, but inclusion in the constitution would remove many fears, however unrealistic they may be. And the same may be said about specific references to promoting gender equality. -- Croz Rural women leaders continue to voice disappointment that the Fiji Government Draft Constitution is not inclusive of the collective call from women for Temporary Special Measures to support gender equality inparliament. As 27 women leaders met in Nausori today during FemLINKPacific's monthly women's community media network consultation, they reflected on their participation in the 2012 constitution and their recommendations including 50:50 representation for women were reflected in FemLINKPacific's October 2012 submission: "Today's Nausori 1325 Rural Consultation saw women from around the Naus…