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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Old politicians have emerged to contest the next general elections. I wonder if they have groomed their younger members because we will still need politicians in government and as opposition.

They need to pass on their experience and not take it to the grave. Never mind what we say about how they may have performed or conducted themselves in the past, let's look at the positives. And of course some of them have been utter clowns bordering on being completes idiots. Most of these people have long gone, we can do without them, it’s the hardened politician who comes back again and again. We look to their better parts and learn not to be like their bad parts.

There has been talk of the younger generation to take up politics, not many will be willing because of our political situation. Anyway I wonder if a person who has never been in politics but has been politically vocal in the media will take up the challenge to join our political elites.   It's time for them to now wa…

News and Comments Friday 23 February 2013

WEEKEND READING.  I've posted two major articles in the past few days on the old political parties, the military and the draft constitution.   If you have not already read and commented on them,  please read them. They took far longer to write than it will take you to read them.
Coming Up. I intend to publish a full article on the dilemma of the media in the next few days, and the final article on the Political Parties and the Military once the new draft constitution is available. 

PARTY REGISTRATIONS. Government's amendment to the Political Parties Decree within days of promulgation, and its further clarifications about the SDL acronym and its warning to the press not to refer to un-registered political parties as political parties,  leaves some people thinking the goalposts are constantly moving, which does not help confidence.
Comment. Knee-jerk reactions to events rarely reflect sound tactics. Government needs to re-examine the political scene to see who it can work with in…

The Fiji Times and the Independence of the Judiciary

The conviction of the Fiji Times, reported below, could not have come at a worse time for Government.  Coupled with the non-registration of the old political parties, it will be used by anti-government people as further "proof" of government oppression and interference in the judiciary.

I was not in the court and do not know the arguments presented but I have little doubt that the convicting judge formed an independent judgement.  And before the anti-bloggers claim otherwise, they should recall Coup4.5's posting last year that said Justice Calanchini was about to be dismissed because he would not do Government's bidding. He is still there.   And they should also remember that  earlier, in October 2010, Justice Calanchini rejected an appeal by the Military against conviction for the brutal beating of villager Navualeba immediately following the Speight 2000 Coup. The judge fined the Military $48,000 and $3,000 in costs.

Now read on
High Court judge Justice William Cala…

The Political Parties, the Military and the Draft Constitution

By Crosbie Walsh
Part II. The Submissions Compared
A few weeks ago two of the parties whose Constitution Commission submissions were summarised in part I, the SDL and FLP, together with the UPP (the NFP was not invited) were talking about forming a united front in the lead up to the 2014 Elections, and a little later, when the Yash Ghai draft constitution was leaked, they all rushed to support it .
This display of accord and agreement raises two obvious questions. First, how could they form a united front when their submissions, as we shall see, were so very different, and secondly, how could they support the Ghai draft when, for example, it ruled out the SDL's call for Fiji to be declared a Christian state and a more deeply entrenched political empowerment of the Great Council of Chiefs, and the SDL and FLP recommendation that race-based electorates be retained.
In this article we shall compare the submissions of the political parties with each other, and their general positions…

The Political Parties, the Military and the Draft Constitution

By Crosbie Walsh

This three part article looks at the submissions made to the Constitution Commission by the significant* "old" political parties (the SDL, FLP and NFP) and the Military, and at what has become known as Yash Ghai's draft constitution. Part I will consider the submissions separately; Part II will compare the submissions, and Part III will compare how each party stood in relation to the draft constitution, and how the Yash Ghai's draft might compare with the likely Government draft that will be presented to the President and the Constituent Assembly. Links to the submissions are to be found at the end of the first article. * The General Voters' United People's Party headed by Mick Beddoes is considered no longer "significant."

Part I. The Submissions

The SDL (Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua) Submission

The SDL wants a harmonious and united Fiji with the rights of all ethnic communities respected. It claims this can only be achieved if …