News and Comments Thursday 17 October 2013

FUEL PRICE INCREASES WERE UNAVOIDABLE according to Commerce Commission Chairman, Dr Mahendra Reddy and have to be seen in the context of big price falls for all products in the last quarter.“ This quarter there is winter in the euro zone and winter drives up demand substantially...[there is also increased ] economic activity in Indonesia in the Asian region as well as the conflict in the Middle East which is affecting supply, so demand and supply have both contributed to the prices of petroleum products”.

Dr Reddy  attributed the Fiji rise to increased world market prices, the strengthening of the US dollar, and an increase in the retail margin for diesel and motor spirit from 2½ to 3%. -- FBC.

Motor Spirit increased by 5% to $2.62 a litre from the old price of $2.49, diesel  from $2.21 to $2.37, and kerosene from $1,76 to $1.90. --  FijiLive.

LAUTOKA TO GET $30 MILLION. New developments taking place in the sugar city under a $30m expansion plan will be announced by Special Administrator Praveen Bala who says the developments take place before the year ends.

Meanwhile, Australian-based international Sportswear manufacturer Kooga recently opened its new plant in Tavakubu, Lautoka employing about 120 local people.

MORE FOREIGN INVESTMENT. Some 159 foreign investment projects worth about $822 million have been registered since January. Investment CEO Ravuni Uluilakeba said  another seven proposals with a proposed value of about $75 million are currently being processed. The projects are expected to employ 3,246 people in the tourism, services, wholesale, retail, manufacturing and agriculture sectors.

ELECTION OBSERVERS. An EU technical team is expected next week and the EU probably agree  to the PM's invitation to send observers but this is still being discussed.  The two EU technicians will be joined by four  others from Australia and NZ.


Anonymous said…
Fuel price increases were surely not necessary! Over the last 20 years supply cost of fuels to Samoa have been about 15-20 % lower than supply cost to Fiji. And this despite the fact that oil companies supply Samoa from Fiji. In other words to supply Samoa additional transport and handling cost are incurred. With an import bill of more than one billion a year, there is clearly considerable room to syphon off money in the procurement process for fuels. A case for FICAC?
Anonymous said…
somebody has to fund the useless Fiji military and the junta trips to Fiji by freeloading bludgers like walsh and his missus!!
Crosbie Walsh said…
Anonymous. You really are despicable. I am not a freeloading bludger. My reports from Fiji were fair and honest. No one put any pressure on me to write what they wanted. I could see and report anyone I wished, and did so. Didn't you read my interviews with Prof Yash Ghai, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, Rev. Akuila Yabaki, the Fiji Times editor and publisher and two unionists opposed to Government.

Note also that no one pays me for the hundreds of hours I've put into this blog. And the government did not contribute one cent towards my wife's visit to Fiji.. Have the courage to identify yourself before you launch any more cowardly, untruthful attacks on my reputation and that of my wife.
Reality said…
Dear Croz,

Keep up the good work. While things feel a little more open in Fiji at present your blog has been a great avenue for debate when things where very dark and highly censored. I'm not as big a fan of this government as you are but I do really appreciate your work. Clearly you care deeply about Fiji and you are the exact opposite of a "freeloader". I really cant see any benefit for you personally in running this website. I'm sure I speak for many when I say thankyou.
Vinaka vakavelu

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