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Flogged to Death

A political party is once again dwelling on the issue of every citizen being called Fijian. 

Could they possibly take up the challenge of encouraging manufacturers to build factories in the rural areas so that we curb urban drift?  Could they dwell on how they will deal with the high cost of education,  especially tertiary education, and why the universities have encouraged so many people to earn a diploma or degree when the market for some of the topics  is flooded. Or could they dwell on other issues affecting of our everyday life such as the rising car theft in Lautoka and the street lights that have been out for up to one year?

There are so many issues that affect and could improve the lives of the people far more than the one they have come up with. 

The issue of identity has been flogged to death, I don't even care now. You can call me a Fijian, a Kai Loma, a fruit-salad. Just don't call me an Others. 

Penang Pride 
Penang Sangam High School celebrated the achievement of one of its students - Lorima Turaga who won silver and bronze in the 800m and 400m track events at the Coca Cola games. Just like Fiji recognised Iliesa Delana's achievement so did Penange Sangam. Almost all rural schools do not have the best facilities that enhance athletes abilities, but Lorima overcame that and put his school on the map, so to speak.

The honour that the school has bestowed on this champion is a scholarship for the completion of his education in forms Six and Seven. Many schools will grab good athletes but forget to nurture the students academically.

From a very humble home and with the loss of his father Lorima has shone. He didn't let all of that get him down. To Liroma, you are a champion and you have a long way to go and I know you can do it and win medals for Fiji in international games in the future.

I know your school is backing you 100% and I know that soon people out there will notice your plight, that you live in the Noqoro HART home and come forward and render some kind of assistance.

To Penang Sangam, may your school produce more athletes like Lorima and to Lorima, may God bless you son.

PWD Scrap

A prominent bus company is clearing its depot of derelict buses. They have decided to get a few dollars by selling to the scrap metal buyers making their depot clean and they will also have more space.

The Public Works department in Lautoka could do the same with all the derelict vehicles that lie rotting in its yard in Veitari. Each day I go pass I see these vehicles piled on top of or beside each other and I wonder whats happening. Government could make some money buy selling them as scrap and clearing this eyesore. And also create more space.

If Western Wreckers could remove all its junk from its yard, surely PWD could do the same. For the record, the scrap metal buyers will come in with their cutting torches, labour and trucks and remove the junk.

I just hope that proper checks were done to write of the vehicles from the inventory book so that they can be accounted for.

Please do it while the scrap still has some value. Removing your scrap will also make the approaches to Lautoka City beautiful.

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.


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