Bainimarama Defends Coup in UN


capital punishment for treason said…
it must really erk and annoy the thug to having to keep defending his illegitmate regime... anything we can do to twist the knife and spoil his
Anonymous said…
a criminal is a criminal. law is law. but law has to be enforced by the righteous people and what happen if law is under control of the criminal frank and khaiyum and the whole money-factored military? now fijians are useless breed of human. it is in their blood of sin from their birth (compared with the normal human beings) with extreme superficial exclamation of christianity to cover up themselves of their evil in their heart. who dare to say they are not jealous of their next door neighbours if they are better off (jealousy)? who dare to say they never think of trying to get the money out of anyone even from the simplest thing (greed)? who dare to say they never think of having sex with their nearest opposite sex (no matter of their age)? now, because everyone is so sinful, that's why no one is able to stand up and fight this illegal government because there are no righteous people in fiji. all selfish and no balls. why scared of the guns when you can use the k-knifes to rob the innocent?
Anonymous said…
Laugh every time we read about it. Gaddafi did the same thing. He ended up in a sewage ditch didn't he?

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