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PM’s top of poll

Sir James says no one can match work
By MAIKA BOLATIKI in the Fiji Sun
No one is good enough to unseat Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama in the 2014 elections, says a former finance minister.
This is because of the good work the Prime Minister has done, Sir James Ah Koy told the Fiji Sun yesterday.

Sir James also said it was time for old politicians to step aside and give new people a chance to contest the 2014 elections.

Sir James served as Minister for Commerce, Industry, Trade, and Public Enterprises in the government of former prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka from 1994 to 1997, when he became Minister for Finance, a position he held until his Fijian Political Party lost the parliamentary election in 1999. He was a Senator from 2001 to 2006.

As for Prime Minister Commodore Bainimarama, the executive chairman of Kelton Investments said many politicians were not happy when he came in to power in 2006.

However, he said the Commodore’s coming in was a real blessing for Fiji.

“Commodore Bainimarama had promised to carry out a clean-up campaign and it has resulted in the unearthing of many under the table deals made by past governments,” he said.

“The Prime Minister had the guts to abolish the Bose Levu Vakaturaga an stop the Methodist Church’s annual conference because of their involvement in politics.”

According to Sir James, the Prime Minister had travelled to most areas in Fiji never visited by past Prime Ministers.
“The Prime Minister has put in place a new political leadership that has the support of the people.

“With his leadership people in rural areas have access to electricity and water, better health services and education, better roads and better access to government agencies.”

Sir James said the Bainimarama-led Government, unlike previous governments, does not make empty promises.
“The government delivers and is genuinely here to serve.

“The Government’s Look North policy has benefitted the people in the North.”

Speaking at the opening of the Nadogo Telecentre last month the Prime Minister said: “My Government’s Look North policy is one of the cornerstones of our reform agenda. We want to do more to develop Vanua Levu.

“And an important part of that is to give Northerners access to the telecommunications revolution that is transforming the lives of people across Fiji and across the world. You all know that we’re doing a lot of work to improve the roads up here, and especially the highway between Nabouwalu and Dreketi to provide better access for people and goods across the top of the island.”

So far four political parties the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA), the Fiji Labour Party (FLP), the National Federation Party (NFP), and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) – have registered to contest the 2014 general election.

But Sir James said these parties would not match the Prime Minister’s proposed political party.



Anonymous said…
How well Sir James has said this..."unlike previous governments, does not make empty promises.
The government delivers and is genuinely here to serve". We should all appreciate Sir James' deep wisdom and we should all appreciate the immense workload our leaders have taken on to move the country forward. Our AG and PM share more than 20 senior government positions amongst them saving the taxpayer the salaries of 18 SDL ministers. Every single promise our PM has made he has delivered on, he has turned around the sugar industry destroyed by Qarase, he has developed a true peoples constitution based on submissions made by the public, he and his officers have selflessly worked 24/7 without taking any advantage for their sacrifice. We have a free media, independent judiciary and a vibrant economy. And next year we will have the chance to confirm the leadership of the AG and the PM. Again Sir James is so right in saying that nobody will be able to match the PM's mighty party.
Bill Carson said…
Jimmy Ah Koy should be investigated by the next elected government to determine if he used his official position for personal gain.
%$#@! said…
'Ah Self-Interest', 'Ah Self-Justification' claimed the illegal interim, self appointed PM 'resulted in the unearthing of many under the table deals made by past governments' but none to keen to be accountable himself though eh!!
Anonymous said…
I wasn't aware there was any party of the interim PM? I always presumed he spurned 'politics' in Fiji and he sought to be above it all. Now after years with his nose in the trough for his cronies and family, he sees the virtue in rigging the system in his own favour !!! Hurrah for the thug. SO car wie wstill have no idea what he earns or his 'ministers' and no idea of his assets before the coup and his assets currently and of his family and cronies!! will make great reading, if they actually don't 'decree' themselves an exemption from that requirement of course .
whitester said…
'he and his officers have selflessly worked 24/7 ' oh plz....nothing 'self less'about the regime...what a craven display of toadying from this 'Sir'. Clearly hasn't met a public salary and position he didn't like to further his own interests. Happy to sell his loyalty to whomever is in power .. well there's no surprise in that...

BTW 'has turned around the sugar industry' but still moaning about not getting money from EU for it ... what about getting ya mate china to fund it bro!!!
Anonymous said…
The new best mate of the dictator ghoose is North Korea - that says it all.

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