President Assents to Constitution



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BUT... said…
....but the Military can make any changes they want right up until the first sitting of parliment.
Anonymous said…
And time to relax. Frank and team have immunity for anything AND everything from 2000 right up until the election. Nice work guys ! The only thing that can get you is another coup so hold tight to the military.
Anonymous said…
We can see through Franks attempt to gloss over his own role in Fiji's past. He has lied to us again and again and again for the last 7 years. Now he wants us to believe this was a revolution that the RFMF carried out. So he lied all the way through when he said his job was just to clean up corruption, when he said no one in the military would benefit and when he promised no one in the interim government would be eligble to stand. He lied when he said he would up hold the constitution, he lies when he paints himself as a hero of 2000.

Frank talks of self interest and the elite - when he acted in self interest by carring out the coup. He did that first and foremost to keep his job and keep out of jail. He has become the new elite - he travels every other day with his family in tow. He appoints friends and family as favours to senior role. He rewards his military men with prime roles ahead of qualified people. He is the NEW ELITE. He refuses to disclose salaries and he even helped himself to back pay he did not deserve. He glossed over the sins of Mahen when it suited and now chases him when it does not. He used FICAC for personal vendettas.
Anonymous said…
Shouldn't it read "We the military...." I can't remember voting for this new constitution and even governments own plan for a peoples forum was scrapped because they where concerned the RFMF may actually have to be accountable for some their actions.

Sadly as long as the likes of Frank and his team can get away with staging coups....coups will be apart of our future.
constitution under the gun said…
So the illegal junta president was hiding behind thugs with guns as he told Fijians about 'their' constitution?? Was he peeing his pants with excitement when he described how the military junta constitution will give him and other cowardly thugs immunity for their treasonous human rights abusing crimes?
Anonymous said…
this website has become like coup 4.5, full of boring negativity.
Anonymous said…
Greetings -
views may be of many kinds with various meaning across BUT the concern here is weather the junta knows how n where to use the information in the constitution to actually get a feel of the message in the Constitution & its impact.

Anonymous said…
Are you suggesting there is something positive about a coup and thugs with guns stealing a nation shameemi?
Anonymous said…
Lots. Frank got all that back pay he deserved. His military men have all been promoted. Ministers and the PM can make decisions on the fly, no need for any annoying checks and balances. Revenge has been had on previous fools. Union power has been crushed.

Open your eyes. Lots of good for the 'new' elite in Power
Mrs Croz' Travel Agency said…
Sounds like Africa and its dictators repeating itself?
Armour-plated conscience said…

"What stronger breastplate than a heart untainted! Thrice is he armed that hath his quarrel just,
And he but naked, though locked up in steel,
Whose conscience with injustice is corrupted."

(Henry VI part 2 Act III.ii.232 William Shakespeare)
Richard Herr Hitler said…
Dream on junta farkwits!
Anonymous said…
Seems to be no reference here to the Catholic Archbishop. Oh, that's right, Cros is anti-papist anyway - and no instructions from Washington yet

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