News and Comments Monday 30 September 2013

WALKING THE TALK: COMPARING THIS GOVERNMENT WITH PREVIOUS GOVERNMENTS. A well known Bua chief has praised recent Bainimarama Government work in the province. The Tui Nadi, Taukei kei Naitauba, Ratu Peni Rasigare said the development work had improved their way of life and that the Voreqe Bainimarama-led government should be supported in its work.

“This government walks the talk and delivers the best services to rural communities and urban as well,” he said. “As the 2014 elections approaches, my people and I will stand for the government of the day, not so much because of the initiative done by the Republic of Fiji Military Forces engineering team but because of the services delivered,” Ratu Peni said.

“We will vote for the government of the day because it is a non-racist government and they reach out to the grassroot level people to deliver their services,’’ Ratu Peni added. Ratu Peni said the new blueprint of the nation would steer the country to a bright and a stable future.

The past governments have done their bit for the people of Fiji but no government can be compared to the government of the day, says Ratu Peni. “Many changes have occurred regarding developments in the rural areas, we as ordinary Fijians are always neglected”.

NEW PROPOSED MINIMUM WAGE, Fiji’s poor wage rate has been blamed for the high level of poverty in the country. And many stakeholders who been lobbying for some years now for the establishment of a minimum wage rate have welcomed the new proposed rate.  Based on the findings of the National Minimum Wage Baseline Survey $2.32 an hour is now the proposed minimum wage.

Social Activist and a strong advocate of a proper rate Father Kevin Barr says the new proposed rate is a good start. “This is a transitional arrangement and I think it is a good start, I think it is excellent but hopefully it is not the final one. And as he(survey consultant) envisaged every two years – this will be re-visited and the formulas will be used again and perhaps strengthened a little bit.”

The Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation chief executive has also welcomed the announcement.
“We said that the minimum wage should take into fact the productivity levels of this country, the economy levels of this country and where we are at this stage and his (Dr Mahendra Reddy) survey did take this into account.”

However, all stakeholders have stressed that better monitoring mechanisms must be put in place to see that all employers comply with the proposed rate of two dollars thirty two cents.
Similar consultations will be held in the western and northern division to seek people’s views on the findings of the survey.

ALL ELECTION LAWS IN PLACE BY DECEMBER. The government will ensure that all elections related laws are in place by December this year. Acting Prime Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said two technical experts from New Zealand, two from Australia and two from the EU will also assist the Elections Office in working out all the logistics for the polls. Sayed-Khaiyum said they are targeting to have voting for a day and to have 3,000 polling stations around Fiji.


RABUKA'S VIEWS ON THE PARTY COALITION. The 1987 coup leader and later elected Prime Minister, thinks the idea of forming a coalition for the 2014 elections is practical and practicable. However, the mechanics must be properly thought out first, he said.

Recently at a National Federation Party meeting, Attar Singh, of the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions, had proposed to form a coalition in order to be in Government after next year’s elections.
The idea has been well received by the predominantly iTaukei party, the Social Democratic Liberal Party.While they will first listen to what their supporters want, general secretary Pio Tabaiwalu said they will be keeping their options open regarding a possible coalition.

Collective platform
Mr Rabuka said: “Before the parties form a coalition, there must be a collectively agreed platform which all the parties subscribe to, so that they keep their political party support from the voters.
“The platform must be for Fiji and NOT just to defeat Bainimarama’s group – that was the case in 1999 when the Nationalists, Veitokani ni Lewenivanua Vakarisito and others only wanted the Soqosoqo ni Vakavulewa ni Taukei defeated.
“The result?  Another winner – not of their choice, but one they had to quickly swallow their pride, change their colours and join for personal political expediency.”
Mr Rabuka was referring to politicians like Poseci Bune and Adi Koila Nailatikau.

Lessons from 1999
The coalition of the so-called ‘moderate’ parties including the National Federation Party, the United General Party and Mr Rabuka’s SVT party before the 1999 polls was a disaster.
Mr Rabuka said: “We could have formed a Multi Party Cabinet in 1997 and run with it to 1999 as a demonstration of our good will and confidence in the system contained in the new 1997 Constitution, and given us a better starting platform as a Coalition in the 1999 General Elections.
“When we did not do that, we should have had a better Constitution and Voters Education Programme from 1997 to the Elections in 1999.”
Failing to do the latter, Mr Rabuka said: “We should have fought the elections separately as two parties and joined forces after the elections in the multi-party cabinet which was mandatory anyway.”

Is the Fijian population ready for a coalition?
“Our politics is too bi-polar to form workable coalitions – race, urban, rural, employed, unemployed, Christian, non-Christian and sexual orientation polarise us into non-negotiable postures on national issues.
Mr Rabuka said this is something those in the 2014 poll race should be wary about – bipolarity in our socio-political ideologies.

To the registered parties
“Be objective and not destructive – promote what to do for Fiji rather than simply getting rid of Bainimarama and military expedition-ism in national politics.
“The latter must be evolved over time of stable political leadership,” Mr Rabuka said.


Put in his place said…
Congratulations to the UN Secretary General, CMAG, Archbishop Chong and others who support freedom and democracy for putting the useless Fijian dictator in his place over the last week. Ban Kai Moon has called for a return to a LEGITIMATE government (ie the current regime is illegitimate). The corrupted illegal regime under khaiyum and his puppet, along with the corrupted judiciary has been widely recognised for the destruction it has caused to the Fijian people. Despite the farcical public masturbation of the of the UN supposedly 'praising' Fiji in the compromised Fiji media, the real truth has emerged and published widely internationally - although not in the compromised Fiji media or the facist blog supporting the illegal regime. Keep the pressure on free world!!!
Anonymous said…
@put in his place
You must be completely delusional! Mr Ban has indeed praised Fiji and the progress this government has made. He happily accepts Fijian peace keepers and UNDP is doing hundreds of projects with the government of Fiji. Who has been put in place is the Australian regime who tried to bully Fiji. Where are they now? Right in opposition. NZ has already indicated that full diplomatic relations and the full aid programme will be re-insatlled in 2013 and all travel bans will be lifted.
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gimme gimme said…
Of course the only thing the regime is actually committed to is getting the Aid back. How pathetic for a country that demands respect. Nothing has changed in that I see. New big plans and commitments and an even bigger hand outstretched looking for others to pay for it.

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