News and Comment Wednesday 28 August 2013

PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC PARTY.  Party spokesperson, Nirmal Singh said members want the party to be agents of change.

Speaking about the Constitution, he said the party recognizes efforts towards the elections, the constitutional provision for one person, one vote and one value, reducing the voting age to 18, removing racial considerations from the constitution, strengthening right of itaukei on land ownership.

But they thought the people could not build a truly democratic Fiji with the military having total responsibility over the security, defense, and well-being of Fiji and all Fijians.That is the role of an elected government and parliament. He said the military must be answerable and accountable to the government and to parliament.

[The Constitution does not give the military total responsibility. The relevant clause reads, "It shall be the responsibility of the RFMF to ensure at all times the security, defence and wellbeing of Fiji and all Fijians." It is an introductory clause spelling out their general responsibilities. Similar introductory clauses preface all other institutions of state.  Public emergencies can only be called by the PM on the recommendation of the Commissioner of Police and the Commander of the RFMF, and must be confirmed by Parliament within 48 hours. Mr Singh seems to think this could make the military action independent of the political process, but I don't thinks so.]

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji said it will continue with its plans to have a roadmap to democracy and will not rush into confirming if the three parties will contest the 2014 elections under the 2013 Constitution. Spokesperson Mick Beddoes said the four parties do not recognize the government or the process undertaken to put through the 2013 Constitution. He repeated his call for Yash Ghai Commission draft constitution, a Caretaker Government and a Constituent Assembly.

One can only guess at what these three old parties are planning but they are certainly bluffing about the elections, and they must know they have no chance in hell, short of a rebellion,  of a return to the Ghai draft recommendations.

My guess is that this latest action is just part of what will be a on-going tactic aimed at causing unrest, doubt and uncertainty, which is not good for business confidence, attempts to turn the economy around, an unfettered lead up to the elections, or for Fiji. But lacking in realistic, positive proposals themselves, it's probably all they can do. If they are to survive and contribute to a new Fiji, they desperately need some new blood —with some new  ideas— in their leadership.

P.S. In a later statement Mike Beddoes said they also wanted the Great Council of Chiefs back, and the Methodist church (that he called an iTaukei institution)  should be able to meet for more than four days.

The pattern is now much clearer.  They are pandering to the least educated itaukei and extreme iTaukei nationalists, just like the old SDL party.  They also pick and choose. The Yash Ghai Draft seriously limited the  authority of the GCC (Beddoes does not say what powers it would have), and it was decidedly against the idea of a Christian state that the more conservative SDL and Methodists wanted.

PPSEAWA CONFERENCE. Thirteen counties are represented at the week-long 25th conference of the Pan Pacific and South East Asia women’s Association that opened in Lami on Monday. The conference theme is “Managing our environment for a sustainable and peaceful world.  In opening the conference, Minister for Women, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation

Dr Jiko Luveni said women need to map out strategies that are science-based, cost effective and lawful which can be implemented by PPSEAWA in the next triennium.


Anonymous said…
Beddoes clearly targets the uneducated iTaukei peasants, the pliable and the ignorant. Unlike our government which has achieved to obtain support from the educated urban professionals and the business community, this is a last ditch effort to mobilise from the bottom of the barrel. The call for re-instating the GCC borders the ridiculous. Their job-description has been written years ago by our leader and it was confined to drinking home brew. It is high time that Fiji enters the 21st century where political influence, power, business success, wealth and the right to rule is based on merit and intelligence, not on middle age notion of tribe and race. My advise to Beddoes is for the UDF to boycott the elections. There will be less confusion of the uneducated electorate and the vote for our PM's progressive party will become the obvious choice.
Campaign champagne said…
Wait for the party campaigns to start. Hope Frank is prepared for what is coming his way. Everything swept under the rug is gonna get displayed... from government expenditure to interference with police investigations... Just read a circulation.

Let's see how your hero reacts

Anonymous said…
Tell Mick beddose to first pay his loan at NBF. Mick is embarassment to the general electors. He is only for me.
Anonymous said…
MPC meam Money Paisa Chor. What's say RPC.
Anonymous said…
Our PM is a strategic thinker of the first class and he is well prepared for the abuse and the lies that the so called opposition will peddle. The political party decree has enough provisions to reign the old politicians in and we should not forget that the incumbent always has a big advantage over those out in the cold. So I would not worry about campaigns. What we have to do is to stand firm and provide a clear mandate for our PM to continue his benign and visionary rule of Fiji. Under our PM and his wise and effective AG Fiji will finally make good use of its land resources and prosper through massive investments from our Chinese friends.
Campaign champagne said…
Strategic thinker of the first class and Mr wise and effective keep changing the rules leading up to constitution, political party registration and elections because everything they plan turns to Shit. Casino - ground breaking ceremony.. Land not even approved, Naim Nadi back road - ripped up and redone. Fijis own airbus - leased from Waqavuka levu na lasu company... Black Rock camp-desserted after $$$ spent doing roads and infrastructure.... Raiwaqa flats.. Chinese friends thought they building in China.... And the list goes on Bro. Your perception of this unelected unaccountable mob is hilarious and almost brilliant for a sequel of the comedy the Dictator.

Campaign is gonna be a bitch for your PM... Oh.... Did I mention National Debt??

Too funny.

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