Anonymous said…
Absolute predictable garbage
Joe said…
You mean "Absolute predictable reality"?
Joe said…
Thanks to the govt for registering the respective parties. Welcome to a level playing field. Let the games begin. I am sure the people of Fiji will deliver the appropriate justice to the old horses.
The Black Swan said…
'Absolute predictable garbage' is the reply one expects (and gets) from a closed mind; an 'UNSMART mind'; what we have to contend with daily and the realm of ideas is beyond such incurious minds. The teaching profession in Fiji has much to answer for but they have also gone under-resourced, under-trained, under-paid for decades. It is time to bring back overseas benchmarks across a wide range of subjects for study. Permit students to strive knowing that they can compete with the best anywhere. Once this is established (and the return of overseas-based teachers to Fiji would greatly assist), movement forward may be achieved. The mandatory study of History/Geography especially World History back to Graeco-Roman era should be compulsory for all from primary school. There appears often to be no foundation for thinking (as a discipline). No appreciation of logic. Without this, how will the ideas embed? How will new ideas emerge? How shall we be persuaded that the application of any hypothesis must always be falsifiable and this must be in-built? All swans are not white. May God help us until we fully grasp this! So, why would anyone consider applying an untested hypothesis in reality? The idea of the moment.
bleeding heart said…
He speaks the truth and it is an unpopular truth with the rich and powerful. How sad. Bring back the Constituent Assembly please, so all the usual suspects can sit on it and bitch about the changes which marginalized them. We don't want to hear from the villagers in the Yasawas or the teachers in Nadarivatu. Who cares what they think? Its what I think that matters.

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