My Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister, Greetings from New Zealand! 

Thoughts on the draft constitution

Much of the Government draft constitution is excellent and in some ways superior to the Ghai draft that I thought unnecessarily long and complex. But from reading the comments of others, and from my own reading, there is still room for improvement. This, I assume, is the reason for your current meetings with the Fiji public: to talk and explain, and to listen to their ideas for improvement. For what it is worth, here is my list of what I think are the more important:

1. Much would be gained and nothing lost if indigenous land rights were enshrined , and if the constitution reaffirmed and promoted each culture and language, multi-culturalism and multi-lingualism..

2. Authority needs to be shared more widely, with others such as the relevant government ministers and the the leader of the the opposition involved together with the PM in appointments to the more important appointments and commissions.

3. Parliament is likely to have too small a pool of the different talents with 41 members and could be increased to 51 members, Further consideration could also be given to closed rather than open lists.

4. The membership of government bodies, the police, corrections service and the military, should progressively become more representative of Fiji's ethnic, cultural and gender diversities.

5. Government decrees should be debated and, if thought necessary, amended during the term of the first parliament.

6. There should be an Office of the Ombudsman, and a body similar to the Great Council of Chiefs should be established to advise government on the affairs of the iTaukei, Rotumans and the minority cultures such as Banabans, Tuvaluans and Kai Solomoni..

7. States of Emergency should be limited to ten days before referral to parliament.

8. The constitution, especially its less central provisions, should be more open to amendment.

9. A representative Election Commission should be appointed as soon as possible.

I trust you and your advisers will give these thoughts consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Croz Walsh
4 April 2013


Ram Sami said…
Wholly agree with point no 2. Government should not be someone's personal property.

Also on point 6, given it will be a largely itaukei government because of demographics, is there any point of another itaukei body advising an itaukei government? How about a council of Fijian citizens of Indian origin given the part they have played in the development of modern Fiji?
No more indo Fijian racism said…
@ Ram Sami
You are not getting the message. There is to be NO MORE RACISM. We are all Fijians. So there is absolutely no need for a racist indo Fijian group doing anything and certainly not advising the government. Look at the military Sami Ram? It is now comprised of Fijians. Get the message?
Ram Sami said…
What message ? That the military is now comprised of Fijians ? Oh ok. Doesnt matter itaukei, kai palagi, kai rotuma, kai india etc !! They are, you are, we are, all Fijians !! Much better than before when the military was all itaukei !!
Anonymous said…
Very sincere letter with good intentions.

I agree with multiculturalism and a body to be established to look after iTaukei, Rotuman, Kai Solomoni and minority interests and advice Govt on their interests.

As for other issues, I'm not an expert in it however I agree that due consideration should be given on these by those responsible for the Draft Constitution.

I believe the PM will look into these issues and create a very good Constitution for our beloved Fiji.

God Bless Fiji and its people - and Croz Walsh.


Anonymous said…
My only suggestion would be that in regards to the "role of the military" that they pledge some sort of allegiance to protect and uphold the constitution
Crosbie Walsh said…
@ No more... Of course you are all Fijians but you are also of different ethnicities with different histories and, in some matters, with different needs. Recognizing realities is not racism. Racism occurs when individuals, groups and, worst of al, the State, act unfairly against people because of their ethnicity. Equality is not to be confused with sameness. It is treating people according to their needs. Rejoice in national good that can come from Fiji's multi-ethnic identities.
HMS Victory said…
Croz it would be nice if all of your very important impartial and relevant recommendations were taken into consideration, but I am sure the old saying "There are none so blind as they who will not see" will apply and we will all be doomed to another coup within one or two decades.
Joe said…
How about Rajen Chaudhary for AG !!!! lol !!!!! Dont take it seriously mate, we must have a laugh once in a while. It is good for health
Get the message said…
Is there anything in this very clear message that either you or the junta you support (the junta that sanctions torture) do not understand? Time for this human rights abusing junta to be held to account. No compromise, no immunity.

"Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Thursday demanded that Fiji's military leader Voreqe Bainimarama keep his pledge to hold free and fair elections next year."

So get off your arses and make it happen.
Joe said…
Do you mean hold an election under the 1997 constitution? That will never ever happen. You probably misunderstood Julia. Her statement is an endorsement of what is taking place in Fiji right now. Even her FM Bob Carr said that he can understand why the Ghai draft was trashed. Perhaps there is an element of human error in your comprehension of what PM Julia Gillard said. I suggest you read her statement again at a slower pace.
Ram Sami said…
Lol Joe, I agree !!!

No no , not about Rajen Chaudhary for AG, but having a laugh once in a while. Yes, it is good for health.

Have a good one brother.
bleat bleat whinge whinge said…
I suggest you learn English govind. And perhaps wash with soap as well?
Joe said…
Your name speaks volumes. Keep squealing.
is it genetic? said…
Big talk from a cowardly boney arse govind. Is bleating and whinging in your genes?
Joe said…
Whether you like it or not, the bottom line is you will have to do as told by the govt. I can understand your frustration, but you have no choice. I hear your bum buddy MC is calling for an uprising from the people. Well, guess what ?? The game is over for cowards like yourself and him. Your "gravy train" is gone forever. ha ha ha !!!
MuttiFala said…
@is it genetic

You of course are no coward as much as you dislike the current regime, you will not organise any demonstrations against it.

Speaks volumes about you. Look at yourself before you start bad mouthing others !!

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