News and Comments Wednesday 6 March 2013

ONE POLL DOES NOT A PM MAKE  BUT  over 140 consultations in Greater Suva indicate that  "Most people want the Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, to continue leading the country after the 2014 elections" according to Strategic Framework for Change Co-ordinating Office representative, Kisoko Cagituevei. He said this particular group wanted the PM to form a party, contest the 2014 election and continue leadership.

Cagituevei said a common point raised in meetings in these areas is the ability of the present leadership to stop corruption in Government. People told the team from the Co-ordinating office they were happy with the services provided by the current Government. Many said that before they were only visited by politicians when the nation was preparing for an election and a lot of promises were made just for their votes. Most people were still waiting for what was promised to them by those politicians.

Cagituevei warned them to expect more such visits in the lead up to the 2014 elections. “We have advised them not to be easily swayed by these people and they should be firm on what they believe in.”  The consultations are a testament to Government’s commitment to addressing core issues faced by the people every day. People are encouraged to attend the forums to not only listen to but more importantly, to air their concerns.

BRUTAL VIDEO. The Fiji Police Force says it has started a thorough investigation in relation to a video that has gone online on a number of websites showing two handcuffed men being brutally beaten up by a group of men. Read more. NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully speaks with his Fijian counterpart Ratu Inoke Kubuabola about the \video.
This blog will make no further comment until it is known whether or not the video is genuine and the thugs are police or army.

WHERE DO THEY CONJURE UP SUCH BIGOTED RUBBISH?   Nacanieli Rogoimuri, a Bainimaramaa opponent now living overseas, wrote this on Facebook:  "Zarina, my dear, when I made the decision in 2006 to openly challenge this illegal regime, I had also considered the consequences. Of course I miss my extended family in Fiji, but that is the price I seriously considered to pay for my stance. ... In the meantime, Zarina, do me a favor and write to your muslim family members, who are controlling voreqe and the military, and warn them that their time is nearly over."
Comment. Poor diddums. Missing out on so much, and all due to those sneaky Indo-Fijian Muslims. 

PRACTICAL HELP FOR WOMEN. Nazhat Shameen's article on women and the law published on Saturday drew a comment from "Willing to help" asking that I publish a contact address for those who may need assistance.  I recommend women who need practical help send a text message to 9998591.

FIJI'S FIRST GOODWILL AMBASSADOR FOR WOMEN. Minister for Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation Dr Jiko Luveni has named Fiji’s very first Goodwill Ambassador for Women, Ms Nazhat Shameem, who is well known in the legal fraternity and Fiji's first woman DPP and High Court judge. The Minister said the new position is an enterprising initiative that will greatly complement the Ministry’s role to advance the gender equality and elimination of violence against women and girls.

“Shameem is highly respected for her work in women’s empowerment. It will enable her to use her position of influence to garner support and public interest in and debate around issues that affect and impact on women’s lives. She will also share her skills, expertise and time to advance the cause of gender equality and elimination of all forms of violence against women and children. She will also be nominated from the state onto international bodies that work in the area of women and gender equality,” she added.

CHILD LABOUR ABUSES.The Ministry for Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment's child labour unit has registered and investigated 121 cases   of child labour so far, and recovered  $8,370 owed to the children. Two employers have also been charged for employing children against the provision of the Employment Regulations Promulgation 2007 and Regulation 2008 and the matter is before the Employment Relations Tribunal for adjudication. Other cases are pending. The Ministry acknowledges the assistance of the European Union and International Labour  Organisation (ILO) in helping Fiji address child labour issues through the project Tackling Child Labour through Education (TACKLE). The TACKLE project led to the establishment of the Child Labour Unit in June 2011.

CORRUPTION. The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC)  has succeeded in obtaining 43 convictions it took to the courts since its inception in 2007. More would have been achieved were it not for so many cases being adjourned. In 2012, FICAC recorded 9,817 complaints, out of which about 500 have the potential to make it to the courts.

  • The EU is ready to help Fiji elections if it is needed.
  • Housing Authority. For the first time ever the HA is offering discounts to entice homeowners to make prompt payments.
  • 'Yes, I paid him'. A man supposedly working for a proposed political party  has admitted  that he paid a man to collect names and signatures of people living in Vatuwaqa, Suva, for the proposed Fiji Labour Party.
  • Dialysis  still too expensive.
  • Fijians in Victoria, Australia, known as  Fiji (Fijians) Aid Melbourne (FijiAM), have donated $5,000 to the PM's Relief Fund, saying they are happy with the work being carried out by the Government. Overall, they have donated $70,000 in cash, food, clothing and other essential items for help Fiji's recent natural disasters..
  • Aussie High Commissioner.  There seems some doubt about whether has acccepted the nomination of Margaret Twomey —which would be a pity.


Charlie Charters said…

Come on Croz - if this is a poll then we are all living in lah-lah land.

If you read down to the 12th paragraph of Maika's story in the Fiji Sun you would discover that Cagituevei works for the Office of the Prime Minister (reproduced here for your benefit: 'The Co-ordinating office, under the Office of the Prime Minister, is responsible for promoting and marketing Government plans and initiatives through the eleven pillars of the People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress'.)

Is there any employee of any Office of the Prime Minister in any country in the world whose endorsement you would take on such a politically charged issue as this, especially an employee specifically tasked with promoting and marketing said Prime Minister and his plans?

Anonymous said…
Dear Croz, Charlie Charters is sooooo right. Where is the balance you claim to aspire to?

It seems that you just can't help your self. You are stuck in the rut of conclusions you made at the time of the coup. Please have an unbiased look at what is really happening now. It is not what you hoped for then.

Why do so many people stay Anonymous?
Because the threat of repercussion is so real. How can free and fair elections take place in such an environment.

If the self appointed Prime Minister is so popular, why does he need to such draconian measures to stay in power?
Think before you give me the courtesy of a reply.
Crosbie Walsh said…

@ Charlie ... Come on Charlie, indeed. I spelt out Cagituevie's identity in the first paragraph of my posting. There was no attempt to conceal or to add anything that enhanced the credibility of the story. Isn't this what journalists are supposed to do — report newsworthy stories? Or do you think I should have exercised "self censorship" and not published it, leaving the task of informing the public to the anti-Government bloggers and foreign media? Do you think they would have published it without a derogatory comment thrown in? Dream on. You just don't believe the story. Fine. But leave others to make their own judgements.
Crosbie Walsh said…

@ Anonymous ... I have answered your comment about balance in my reply to Charlie. Please also see the "Blog Aims, Publisher" page under the blog title. I understand why you wish to remain anonymous but must point out that readers need to know more about you, and your record, before they can assess your balance and credibility. Even a pseudonym would help if you kept it for all your comments.
Anonymous said…
Dear Croz, It would have been very helpful and indeed far more balanced for most readers if you included that "The Co-ordinating office, under the Office of the Prime Minister, is responsible for promoting and marketing Government plans and initiatives".
I am not a lawyer, a journalist or an academic, but it is clear to me, an average Joe, that by not including this information on the role of Cagituevei you were omitting very useful and relevant information.
If you truly understand my wish to remain anonymous why don't you say something about this situation on your blog?
I have read carefully your "Blog Aims, Publisher" page. that is why I have said I am more convinced by what you 'do' in your blog than what you 'say' in your Aims.
Meanwhile I am happy to have only my words establish my credibility and carry my message. I am not one to place much store in position or title.
rusi said…
Given there is no decree in place to prevent it, I look forward to opposition parties using footage of the beating video to campaign againstt the regime. For my part the attempts at smashing the ankles of the rprisoner look quite real to me and the police radio goin off in the background speaks volumes. Lets just get them on the stand and let them declare who gave the orders... we won't be surpirsed if it comes straight from the top. BTW notice the deafening slince from the illegal PM... nothing to say ??!! How very statesmanlike.
Anonymous said…
God you are a coward; awaiting for directions from Qorvis on what to say about the beatings?
Hang the Human Rights abusing dogs said…
Spineless and gutless. Like all the facist fools supporting this evil human rights abusing dictatorship. Time for some real sanctions against this cowardly military junta that Walsh like to call a 'government'? What a farce.
Try Escaping Again said…
AWWW..the poor poor prisoner got hurt!Should I be crying for them!?No.. If it means the other prisoners understand what it means to break the law.. then a little bit of breaking is welcomed.... Escape again and feel the pipe at the back of your skulls... Useless people...if they were planting in their village gardens and then got smacked.. The police would have been wrong... in this case they deserved it.. Human rights abuse.. Ha..ha... cant stop laughing.. on the global scale - this was very gentle.. they just lost one leg..phew very lucky..Read the international news and see how the Aussies recently killed 2 children in Afghanistan in error..and said we are very sorry for that error! These local thugs need to be given some real violent medicine and be made an example! God bless the police force and hope that they dont get in harms way! They protect us from the garbage of society..enough said..
Joe said…
It is a known fact that PM Bainimarama has a huge support, and I cant see why a co-ordinating office needs to get involved. I dont believe it is so. You might like to republish the Lowy poll Croz, just to remind the nay sayers. I am sure the support has grown since then. 2014 will tell the actual story, and I wont be surprised to hear these critics say "rigged". On that note, political parties should comply with the requirements of the registration process, and come and play on a level playing surface under neutral umpires, the UN observers.
Confirming the worst said…
@ Try Escaping Again

Thank you for confirming the sort of people supporting this thug junta. Is Sharia law next? Will alleged thieves have their hands cut off? Will women who are victims of rape be stoned?
Con beef and rourou said…
@Confirming the worst

Sorry to disappoint you, but there are defenders of torture on both sides of the political fence.

In fact, some of Bainimarama's biggest haters in the "pro-democracy" camp have shown full support for the torture and are so impressed that they have stated that they will adopt the same techniques and use them against pro-regime elements "when their time comes".
Gatekeeper said…

There is no defence for torture regardless of who exacts it, who suffers it, nor considerations of vengeance and redress for crimes commited. We must see in common sense that torture, the violation of the innocent or even the allegedly guilty, unable to defend themselves is an egregiously dehumanising and brutalising act. Think of the dogs in Abhu Graib, the outrageous attempts to humiliate by defying cultural and religious norms. What was the ultimate result? It was our ability to see the torturers as a degraded and sub-human species: worthy of our contempt. In the meantime, the alleged terrorists emerged as victims and worthy of our support. Surely, this is a distortion of the Truth? A Big Lie. Turn the camera on yourselves: Home Invaders and Invaded. Do you like what you see?
lauan said…
this thug doesn't make a PM in any circumstances, even 'self-appointed' ones.
desmond said…
Perhaps if Bainimarama and Khaiyum had received similar treatment before the coups, we wouldn't be dealing with this. We could all pass by their graves or visit them as vegetables in the hospital, or not. I say if there is standards then so be it, much like Gaddafi live by it die by it, but don't dare complain when the mob gets a hold of the illegal President and illegal PM and illegal AG and does the same!! The difference is, they would expect diffrent - read better, treatment.
Anonymous said…
@ Try...'Aussies recently killed 2 children in Afghanistan' , so they tortured them to death as punishment with iron bars?? We are not talking about a cross fire you idiot, we are talking about the pleasure on the goons faces as they tried to break ankles and shoved pipes in arses !!! Use all the 'examples' you like but AUS, US etc are not in the firm control of a military junta that can't even keep it's prisoners in gaol. This regime has form.
rusi said…
so... again ....if it all so clear and 'done and dusted' and he will romp it in, then have the guts to open the election process up to all rather than a one party state (that Bainimarama hasn't even had the guts to declare yet!!)This pathetic attempt to stifle opposition will end badly, for him. It will be rigged actually as there will eb no opposition to counter the election and all will se if for what it is, a continuation of the rule of the military and there will be no international respect for the result - except from ya friends China, Russia and Azerbaijan. Interesting nww friends ya keep. Perhaps you might like Iran, Cuba and Zimbabwe to come as observers!!
Anonymous said…
exactly who is the regime looking to for recognition ??! China because there isn't a decent country on earth that will accept this result. We may as well declare a boycott and rob them of any hint of legitmacy and watch them scramble for a response!!! Not our problem if they then can't then follow throught with their promises to the region and international community. THEY need this election, more than anyone.
ulamila da bomb said…
The Illegal PM is all suit and no substance. Still no word from the 'great leader' on the video of his own goons beating a defenceless prisoner??!!Why I am not surprised. What happened to the strict discipline he was enforcing on his men ??!! What a joke, about as laughable as Kean killing a wedding guest.
Joe said…
FYI the election process was set in motion early last year with voter registration. Wake up moron, you have been sleeping for too long. The registration of political parties was called for recently and those very parties that claimed to have support of the people had to impersonate to get the required 0.8%, in their own blue ribbon constituencies. If you cant work out the logic here, move over to the other blogsite, you will certainly have good company there. The message is loud and clear to all parties and candidates, "come clean, come prepared" to work for all citizens of Fiji. The parliament is not a "holiday house" for anyone anymore.
Joe said…
Whether you like it or not, it actually is called "Government of Fiji", and Frank Bainimarama is the "Prime Minister of Fiji". To hell with your human rights and sanctions, stick it where the sun dont shine.
poor little thikwit said…
@ joe thikwit ramshit
You seem upset? Did you stub your toe again? Or did daddy set fire to mummy?
rusi said…
and how many parties are registered?? Thie regime can't even get the const.assembly to sit as they haven't approved any parties at all?? what a joke on them they will have an election where they will be the only ones standing and nobody will accept the resul;t as legitmate. They will still be illegitmate and pariahs. lets us not forget it is the regiem that needs this election more than anyone, as they crave recogntion. BTW i am aware on a single party and some minor instances of alleged fraud. To quote the regime' this happens everywhere in every country'. just like beating at the hands of regime goons!!!
wati s said…
opponents can and should always boycott the election... and watch the regime spew trying to explain this to the world. The military has everything to lose in this.
rusi said…
I think you will find that very moderate media still refer to this country as being ruled by a 'military regime' and having an 'interim government' nothing has changed that.Nobody accepts that the country is 'governed' it is ruled.There is very good reason why they have 'decrees'.

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