Latest DISMAC Report on Cyclone Situation

DISMAC SITUATION REPORT No:08 – December 18TH, 2012

Situation Report issued by the National Disaster Management Office. This report covers the period from 0800hrs 18 Dec to 1600hrs 18 Dec 2012. The next report will be issued on or around 2400hrs 18 Dec 2012.

-          Declaration of State of Natural Disaster effective from Tuesday 18/12/12 for Northern and Western Division.
-          Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is now visiting the Western Division.
-           Activation of All EOC’s to 24/7 operations.
-          147 Evacuation Centers operational with 8416 evacuees.

·         45 Evacuation Centers are operating in the Northern Division with a total of 3715 evacuees.
·         15 Evacuation Centers are operating in the Eastern Division with a total of 493 evacuees.
·         34 Evacuation Centers have been opened in the Central Division with a total of 2144 evacuees.
·         53 Evacuation Centers are operating in the Western Division with 2064 evacuees.

-          Nadi International Airport is in operation.
-          Wailoa power station is on and power supply has been restored in 95% Central Business Districts.
-          Rewa River burst its bank earlier today. Nausori Town is closed to all traffic.

Flood Warning
A flood warning remains in force for Mainimala, Wainibuka, Waidina River and Rewa River.
A flood warning remains in force for all low lying areas of Navua and the areas adjacent to the whole of Navua River.

National Update on Roads Accessibility

-Vatuwaqa Crossing, Serea
-Wainavida, Waila (Nabaitavo) Crossing
-Toga Crossing, Rewa
-Korovou Deepwater Crossing

-Jalim Avenue Road (underwater)
-Baulevu (from Naduruloulou Fisheries Station) underwater
-Waila Feeder Road, Nausori Junction leading to Vunidawa hospital

-Naqali Bridge (underwater)
-Vunidawa Bridge, Nalowai
-Deepwater Bridge (underwater)
-All Naitasiri Bridges are under water (i.e. Muaniweni, Viria, Savu, Waisa, Wairua, Wainikovu, Waiqa, Waibalavu)

-Queens Road Open to all traffic

-Nacamaki Village to Tuatua (Koro) still closed (needs machines to clear huge landslide)
-Levuka to Cawaci closed (only heavy vehicles). Seawall damage – FRA working on it now.

-Junctions, bridges, Irish crossing under water, fallen branches in Labasa, Nabouwalu, Taveuni and Savusavu.
-Labasa/Nabouwalu/Daria – opened to light traffic (machines will be available on Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 to clear landslides).



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looking at the comments or lack thereof, clearly the rports on the weather are not driven by demand...
Anonymous said…
@ Desmond
Ha! They must be searching for nasty things to say about the rehabilitation work. Take your time children.
Anonymous said…
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