First Ever PM in Yasawa Village


Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has called for the immediate restoration of educational facilities at Bukama School in the Yasawa Group after he witnessed firsthand the damage it sustained from Tropical Cyclone Evan.

The head of government has expressed concern that students who depend on the school will be affected and has instructed engineers from the Republic of Fiji Military Forces to begin construction work.

Bemama village was severely affected when Tropical Cyclone Evan struck the village with several houses destroyed and vegetation seriously affected. Bukama Primary School was also not spared.

“Education is always our priority and I want this school to be rebuilt as soon as possible.  I’ve asked the FMF Engineers to priorities the building of new classrooms and facilities for the two hundred students of Bukama Primary School,” the Prime Minister said.

The village headman of Bukama village Mr Tomasi Ratusoqosoqo said that the fact that the Prime Minister of Fiji is the first ever head of government to set foot on their village brings relief to them.

“For PM Bainimarama to visit and see for himself the situation that we are in after the cyclone brought a sigh of relief for everyone,” Mr Tomasi said.

The head of government has assured the people of Bukama that more supplies will be on its way with the MV Iloilovatu delivering food and temporary kits to the Yasawa.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and his team are visiting the cyclone stricken villages of Nabukeru, Tamusua and Bukama in the Yasawa Group.


Sliding backwards rapidly said…
Could either you or the dwarf garden gnome explain what this convoluted statement means? Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said "the draft will be made public through the Constituent Assembly because, as the Prime Minister has stated through various other communications, also through the decree and through advertisements that the Constituent Assembly would be essentially a reflection of the different groups of Fiji". This is total bullshit.
Joe said…
Why not put your hand up for the constituent assembly? If you care about your country, be part of the "solution" not the "problem". What is wrong with the draft being made public by an appointed body? Did the "navy seal" who killed Bin Laden announce the execution? Did you expect Mr Ghai to go to the Fiji Times with the draft? Does it hurt you that not a single life was lost in the wake of cyclone Evan under the leadership of Frank, and that the rebuilding phase is fast tracked? Are you even aware that you are totally out of topic in relation to the caption of this posting?
Anonymous said…
But while on the topic, what is the venerable Professor Ghai up to? He told Radio Australia he was fed up of government interference, but told the Fiji media (Fiji Sunday Sun 23/12/12) that there had been no such interference. Sa! Political double talk.
Anonymous said…
Great work from the PM
Anonymous said…
I salute Mr Bainimarama.....Thanks for being there for the people Sir.
Anonymous said…
Bullshit " First Ever PM" has this Village Head been in exile?? Croz, I would have expected you to research a bit before putting this in the public domain. Does make you like like Frank's exclusive prostitute.
Crosbie Walsh said…
@ Last Anon... Who and when. If you have evidence to the contrary, please present it.

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