Fiji Government Statement on PACP and PI Forum

The Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, has reaffirmed the Pacific ACP's [PACP] independence from the Pacific Islands Forum after a Special Leaders Meeting held in Port Moresby last month.

The Prime Minister expressed Fiji's belief that the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat has misrepresented a key decision made at this meeting regarding the relationship between it and the PACP.

The outcomes document released by the Forum Secretariat reported that Papua New Guinea [PNG] will host a secretariat for PACP Leaders meetings only, and that the Forum Secretariat will continue its duties for other PACP activities and meetings.

The Prime Minister said that it is Fiji's position that this is a misreporting of the decision taken at last month's Special Leaders Meeting.

"It is our understanding that the PACP Leaders decided that there would be a complete separation between the Forum Secretariat and the PACP," the Prime Minister said. "PNG offered to host and fund a full PACP Secretariat, until
2014, which will be responsible for all PACP related matters and activities."

The Prime Minister added that this decision was made in large part to facilitate Fiji's full and regularised participation in PACP meetings, at all levels.

"In their capacity as the secretariat for the PACP, the Forum Secretariat had the responsibility to equally serve all PACP members. By refusing to include Fiji in meetings that we were fully entitled to attend, the Forum Secretariat was not only violating Fiji's rights, but was also upholding an increasingly irrelevant policy of isolation."

"Last month, Fiji successfully chaired the ACP Ministerial Trade Committee Meeting and co-chaired the EU-ACP Joint-Ministerial Trade Committee Meeting, held in Brussels. And in 2013, Fiji will act as chair of both the G77 plus China at the United Nations, as well as the chair of the International Sugar Council. We take our international obligations very seriously, and are honoured by the trust andsupport the international community, including the members of the PACP, hasshown Fiji."

The Prime Minister has written to the current Chair of the PACP, Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna, and also to the host of the new PACP Secretariat, PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, to request that the Forum
Secretariat correct this misrepresentation in the Leaders outcomes document.


dictators are irrelevant said…
Dictators don't dictate to anyone - perhaps with the exception of their own people that they terrorise using thugs with guns. Like their misguided supporters (who usually disappear very quickly when the dictaors get dragged into drainage ditches) they are irrelevant. So tell your sad dictator mate to move on, get over it, and build a bridge. The fool has no relevance, gets no respect from anyone that matters and certainly has no impact outside his own lunchtime.
G Q said…
may be irrelevant to Australia ad NZ or the Commonwealth for that matter but we dont give a shit of what you guys think, but the rest of the world think differently, they appointed Our beloved Dictator to be the new chair of the International Sugar Council in England last week, and also chair of G77 plus year, yes We will uphold our beloved Dictator over your pathetic losers PM from both (Aus and NZ) anytime..
Anonymous said…
It is about time Fiji stands on its own feet. Make new friends and move on.
oi oi oi said…
yes plz, not really standing on your own two feet when you keep the beging bowl out there...perhaps you can put your hands out for others to pay for a while... and stick to chinese built roads too!!
Anonymous said…
Australia and NZ are only happy when they can influence the Pacific Islands; dont worry we will do quite nicely with China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia
Kevin 07 said…
The pacific islands and in particular FIJI are only happy when pleading poor, getting jobs that actually pay real money in Aus, NZ, US or Britain or send the relo's over to send the $$$$ back to the loafers back home. I think you are confused about who actually needs who? Fuji is an major importer of australian goods, mjaor exporter to Aus and NZ and Aus and NZ still keep your tourism industry afloat. Any time you want this to change go right on ahead. Apart from a holiday that we can get anywhere there is nothing on offer to Aus or NZ, no net benefit whatsover. But it does make us feel good to build your school for you , pay your kids scchool fees, treat your peoples illness for free and send clothes.
Crosbie Walsh said…
@ Dictators ... Someone else, using a different pseudonym, is saying almost thye same thing in the same words (thugs... guns) on another posting. Their comment also seems "mass produced" because it is also not relevant to the topic. This isn't you, is it?

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