Watch this Space

Sorry for the few postings over the last few days.  I've just come back from spending ten days in Fiji where I interviewed or spoke with over 30 people of all political persuasions.  I didn't announce I was in Fiji until I returned to the safety of NZ because of the threats I received from the more extreme Bainimarama opponents that they would "fix me" one way or the other if I visited Fiji.   Watch this space, starting  later today.


Very concerned said…
Dear Croz,

Would we very interested in your thoughts on the Constitution commission. I was stunned to read the PM questioning their independence. You have warned for a while that critics need to get behind it and I believe the good professor has proven himself calm, balanced and consultative.
Who would have thought it was the pm threatening to detail the process not his opposition !

Very concerned.
SDAW said…
Looking forward to reading about what you learned on your trip!
Anonymous said…
Sorry that you had to keep your trip 'secret'. But it is understandable.Glad you weren't 'fixed'. For some things you have written you probably deserved a tongue lashing. Perhaps you received a mild form of it from some of the political persuasions you spoke to.
Anonymous said…
The only people who do the fixing in Fiji these days are the Military and since you are a big fan of theirs don't think you had much to worry about.
Croz, so now you know what if feels like to be an opponent of the regime. They fix people for real and not just threats on blogsite comments.
unfortunately for most we only have Fiji passports and so we cannot go scurrying back to NZ at the first sign of trouble.

Anonymous said…
Eh? To all the above. How do we know what Croz thinks if he hasn't said yet?
Bill Carson said…
@ Anonymous at 7:35pm

Another junta softkok said…
So now you and the rest of the vomit eaters know what threatening and intimidating thuggery they have had to put up with from the cowardly human rights abusing illegal regime? Did Korvis give you a business class fare?
Anonymous said…
We will determine from Croz's travel journal to the coup-coup land whether he is aiming to get on the grubby gravy train or not.
%$#@! said…
Yes lets do make a clear distinction between 'abuses' and 'threats' and lets have good look at who have been the ones doing the beatings, firebombings, threats, detention, intimidation, arrests, and creating repressive decrees to silence any opposition. Happy to have that conversation. The ideai that anyone would compare verbal threats on a blog with actual bodily harm in fiji to regime opponents is twisted.
ha said…
come on we all know anyone who does not support lord frank needs a good beating !!!! especially those unions, sdl, labour and the ngo's.

Not looking good said…
It has gotten a lot worse over the last 48 hours. Just when it seemed like everyone was getting behind the process the PM comes out and again attacks the only independant and credible person they have hired in 6 year ! Worse still the AG changes the rules - not public consultations once the draft has been done and all salaries must be disclosed. The irony is for 6 years everyone has been calling for the pm and AG's salaries to be disclosed. Ghai is no push over, nor is he stupid. If the PM wanted a rubber stamp constitution then (as many expected he did) he hired the wrong person. It would appear the PM is acting like a spoilt brat again. Sreriously he has no tact...or is it no real faith in the process ?
Anonymous said…

Yes please comment on these events. As to the rubbish below ? Maybe its time to start screening comments again. Threats, language and personal attacks. These are things you don't like about coup4.5

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