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Prayer group hints PM be ‘Tui Viti/King of Fiji’

Prime Minister Commander Voreqe Bainimarama should be given the opportunity to pioneer the esteemed position as “King of Fiji or Tui Viti”.
Quoting from John 10:11,14 from the Bible The Lion of Judah prayer group from Suva said in their submission that the ‘King of Fiji’ should be given the executive authority over the Government (matanitu), religions (lotu), traditions (vanua) and also the Commander of the Military.
Specifically proposing the change of title of the President of Fiji to ‘King of Fiji or Tui Viti’ prayer warrior Malakai Nalawa said the appointment of the incumbent to the position of ‘King of Fiji/Tui Viti’ should be through a proper, thorough and transparent investigation and determination by the Native Lands Commission (Veitarogi Vanua) of the true bloodline to the throne.
“The appointee should be a person who fears God and is a man of God and is appointed by God to lead and lay his life for Fiji,” Mr Nalawa said.
In order to necessitate the process, the group believes that Commodore Bainimarama was called by God to do the will of God in Fiji, and therefore it was only prudent that he was allowed to become the first ‘Tui Viti’ to complete the mission.
“While in office he will spearhead the determination of the bloodline to the throne, before he hands over to the groomed successor,” Mr Nalawa said.
“Once the bloodline to the King of Fiji is evidently confirmed, then successors to the throne to be placed on an elite training programme including; military training to acquire highest level of rank, tertiary education, leadership and management training and more so spiritual development to become a born again Christian and always fear God.”
Other issues highlighted by the prayer group were citizenship, human rights, governance, state institutions, changing the constitution and the previous Constitutions.


Bill Carson said…
Good suggestion.

Anyone who sidelined all the chiefs and the Methodist Church with the ease that Frank did ought to be elevated to the title "Tui Viti"

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