The Dialogue Process: Helping Grassroots Leaders

MORE than 60 community leaders will undergo training in how to participate in Constitutional dialogue in two workshops in Labasa and Savusavu this week.
Organised by the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum, the workshops will allow participants to acquaint themselves with the Constitutional process and to identify issues they wish to see addressed in the new Constitution. They will also have time to draw up submissions to the Constitutional Commission.
Forum CEO, Reverend Akuila Yabaki, said participants would return to their communities and work with their communities to prepare submissions for the Constitution Commissioners who are expect in the North over the 4 weeks.
“We’ve identified strong community leaders to participate in the workshops to ensure that they take the message into villages, settlements, religious groups, to as many people as possible,” Reverend Yabaki said.
“There’s limited time so we need to ensure that as many people as possible make their views known. By targeting leaders the CCF hopes to spread the message that everyone must have a voice in this process.”


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