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NAMOSI MINING?  NatureFiji-MareqetiViti is Fiji's only domestic NGO working solely for the conservation and sustainable management of Fiji's unique natural heritage. This is a  link to their website.  Their views on the proposed Namosi mining development may be seen in this link.   

My efforts to find an expert who would spell out the pros and cons failed, but the NFMV article spells out the environmental concerns. The big question, to this uninformed layman, is how technically well equipped the Fiji Government is to handle negotiations with the Joint Venture, and monitor the mine if it is approved. And if the JV decides not to proceed, will the Chinese step in? 

If the mine goes ahead, what Fiji needs is the most favourable deal for the landowners and Fiji, and the best regulated mine thereafter.  This will not happen if Government does not listen to geologists, botanist, environmentalists and  responsible environmental NGOs like NFMV. Meanwhile, educated Fiji should be keeping a close eye on the Chinese-run bauxite mine at Nawailevu in Bua province.

RFMF CHILDREN. I think Fiji Today got this one wrong. Its heading "A Military state? Why else would the military be involved in surveys of our childrens education?" suggests a survey of the nation's children when, if you  read the Fiji Village article carefully, you'll see it was almost certainly an innocuous survey of RFMF children. Not others.

MILITARY RIGHTLY IMPOUND 50 CARS. More than 50 government vehicles  have been impounded by the military for running after working hours without authority. I've no doubt the anti-Bainimarama blogs will ask why the military were doing this and not the police. A fair question perhaps but the bigger question is why public servants are still treating vehicles as their personal property behaving in this way. And an even bigger question is how long it will take to change the mindset of some public servants so that they become PUBLIC servants.  

THE ELECTIONS OFFICE has launched a new website and Facebook page to help spread information about the EVR process. Click and save the hyperlinks.


QARASE CHANGES LAWYERS. Trial still due to start Thursday.


Military mindset said…
Agree with you on this one. No one should have a mindset except the military. They are above the law and not only should seize vehicles but should bash children who are late for school They should set the dress code for young women and should take over the role of not only the police but the courts as well. They are the concience of the nation and are so wonderful all ranks should get 30 years holiday back pay not just the commander. Thank you for supporting them and taking Fiji forward (to God knows where??).
Get Real said…
@ Military mindset
Take a chill pill. Why must you turn the simplest of stories into a political statement opportunity? What is so wrong about the military protecting tax-payers against the mis-use of their property.
Anonymous said…
I believe the only long term solution to abuse of office by Civil and Public Service employees is the decentralisation of the Public Service Commission to District Guardian Councils, with elected members from the community.

Ian Simpson

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