Not Dead Yet

I can't remember who it was who said "The news of my death is greatly exaggerated" but I thank Fiji Today for their concerned heading, "Croz, where are you?"  with the further note "Blog has been removed Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs."

My  blog seems to have been hit with a double-banger technical hitch. If I were so inclined I'd suspect something sinister.  But the apparent close down seems to be due to Google Blogger, caused  possibly by my switch to the dynamic view. I can now access the blog on my laptop and on my smartphone. 
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If you can read this posting, your blog access is fine. It would help me to track the problem geographically, if you would send me a short  email, saying "Okay" — or more if you wish. 

Another unrelated issue was raised by a reader  who, noting that the last seven of my postings had not attracted a single comment, asked whether there was a technical hitch or, less generously, whether I was exercising extreme censorship. Another reader said he'd unsuccessfully tried to post three comments. 

This problem seems to be due to Xtra/Yahoo! who send their users an  email this morning apologising  for the slow movement of in and out emails. When readers write  comments they come to me for verification before posting. This enables me to cut out spam, rude and highly personal comments.  I am unsure whether the problem has been fixed but I'm changing blog comments to be received by my gmail account: in the hope this will solve the problem. 

My apologies to those who have made comments.  Please re-send. For those making comments today and tomorrow, please get back  to me if your comment is not posted.


Anonymous said…
It was Croz Walsh who said his death had been grossly exaggerated. But he was wrong. He was throttled by Google and while he's had a brief reprieve, the grim reaper will come for him again.

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