News and Comments Wednesday 12 June 2012

• Was FijiTV threatened? •  Support for micro businesses •  Philip Snow passes away •  Elderly in poverty  •  Finance education •  Election registration kits •  A kidnapping? •  Maldives unrest  •  Tikoitoga v. Qarase •  Chaudhry on 1997 Constitution

Yesterday I published and then withdrew my Disinformation #6 posting which queried Coup4.5's claim that Government had threatened FijiTV. The Acting PM,Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, will comment on the claim later today.
     The International Federation of Journalists and the Pacific Freedom Forum backed Coup4.5's claim, saying that the "management of Fiji TV has been put on notice that all the station’s content will be monitored this month and will influence the decision regarding the renewal of Fiji TV’s broadcasting licence, due at the end of this month." I will comment further when more information is available.

MICRO BUSINESSES. Small and medium enterprises in the country have been given a boost through governments safety net the Credit Guarantee Scheme.

A LEGEND IN FIJI'S COLONIAL HISTORY Philip Snow (96) passed away at his residence in England last Wednesday.

ELDERLY IN POVERTY. Some 90% of the elderly are living below the poverty line.

FINANCE EDUCATION IN SCHOOL CURRICULA. Finance Education will be introduced for Class I to Form VI over the next two years.

A KIDNAPPING? Police are concerned about an exaggerated and misleading report in foreign media.


A KIDNAPPING? Police are concerned about an exaggerated and misleading report in foreign media.
Long compared with Fiji for its political stability and economic growth, the Maldives seem to be having their own trouble.

TIKOITOGA v. QARASE. The military spokesman said political parties should not just agree to changing the electoral system, they should also remove all policies that favour a particular ethnic group,  support a new constitution that is fair to all and "not bring back things from the 1997 constitution." He was speaking about comments by the SDL, FLP, NFP, UPP parties that the last elected parliament should be reconvened and that whatever electoral changes are needed should be made the revised 1997 constitution. SDL leader Qarase said Tikoitoga should not tell the parties what to think when they make their submission to the Constitutional Commission. He also rejected suggestions that the SDL is a racist party, and said policies like the Qoliqoli Bill proposed in 2006 were necessary.

CHAUDHRY ON THE 1997 CONSTITUTION. Chaudhry says there's feedback people still want the old constitution however amended, and RFMF’s Land Force Commander and spokesperson Colonel Tikoitoga said they will not allow politicians to bring back the 1997 constitution. Almost certainly the Constitution Commission will start with the old Constitution and much of it will be included in the new constitution. So why this unnecessary argument?


Disturbing Signs said…
Increasingly there are signs of serious situations emerging in Fiji that threaten the return to democracy, freedom and the rule of law. Firstly, tikoitoga seems to be unable to understand the role of the military. His threats to hon Qarase are very disturbing indeed. Secondly, the threats to FijiTV are alarming and signal increasing totalitarianism under the dictatorship. Not good signs at all for Fiji recoving from the disastrous coup.
Anonymous said…
So how does that now sit with your complete acceptance of any explanation from the regime's mouthpiece? How quick to claim the regime has been maligned yet again by accpeting then printing the garbage from Sharon. Will you ever learn?
Cicero said…
Elderly living in poverty in Fiji:

Judge the disturbing signs for yourself, Croz. Not merely anecdotal but substantive and verified.

Could you live on $12,000 per annum even in Fiji? Particularly when floods have destroyed the roadside vegetables minus VAT? And your near relatives are having a monumental struggle with imported inflation and a devaluation of the Fiji dollar by 20%? The price of imported fuel has risen by 15% since January. An implosion in the Eurozone coupled with the EU embargo on imports of Iranian oil from 1 July will exacerbate this inflationary trend. Not even the Saudis can mitigate this.

With a mooted election looming, what response would you expect from elderly voters who have been imposed upon in this manner? A change of tone would be seemly. Threats are unwelcome and ill considered - no matter from which direction they come. Indeed, they are tantamount to being self-defeating. Every seasoned campaigner knows this. Now there are varying kinds of campaign but the time for threats has long gone with the sole exception of those directed towards entrenched and organised criminals: threaten them, whomsoever they may be, with arrest and due process.

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