Grassroots Democracy: Turaga ni Koro Should be Elected

Eroni Duaibe wrote this in Facebook's Fiji Economic Forum soon after the PM announced the abolition of the Great Council of Chiefs.
Many Turaga ni Koro have become complacent with their position and take few initiatives in the development of their respective villages. The records show that very few vigorously pursue Government policies and plans on basic needs. This work is being shouldered by the Commissioners.

I firmly believe that for democracy to be synchronized into the grass-root level, Turaga ni Koro must be elected. In turn, those elected  should  elect the Roko Tui for their respective districts. This would ensures a sense of ownership from a very micro level.

Commissioners and Permanent Secretaries should be appointed by Government but local leadership should be subject to election. Local leaders should be empowered by Government to make decisions in some matters so that they also have a feeling they are part and parcel of the democratic process. Perhaps, this is good breeding ground for future politicians.  [Slightly amended.]


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