News and Comments Wednesday 7 March 2012

BAINIMARAMA RESPONDS TO CHAUDHRY. 'Jealous Chaudhry' asked me to publish this.  Here's the link.

FRAENKEL'S INCREDIBLE RESPONSE to Graham Davis's  interview with Bainimarama, courtesy of (just one guess, yes you've got it) RadioNZ International.

CONGRATULATIONS FIJITODAY. FijiToday has announced it "is looking for suitable candidates to become authors on this site in the run up to the next election. An approved author will be given access to post stories directly onto the site.The authors we are seeking will have views both for and against the current administration as we strive to offer a more balanced opinion in this critical time. They will have a good understanding of the problems facing us in the immediate future and be constructive in any criticism.The identity of the new authors will be kept confidential, if required, but the quality and tone of the stories posted will be required to be of a high standard."

FijiToday is the most reasonable and fair of the anti-blogs and should be congratulated on this initiative.I  urge readers to seriously consider the invitation and, for good measure, I extend the same invitation for new authors on this blog.

FUND MANAGER ABSCONDS. Fiji is seeking Interpol NZ's help to locate the deputy general manager of the Fiji National Provident Fund, Foana Nemani, who was due in court last week over illegal payments totalling nearly F$70,000 (NZ$47,000). -- Gay Maxwell on FEF, Facebook.

FIJI-US TRADE last year was worth $US174m. Fiji’s exports were worth $US131.5m and US exports to Fiji $US42.6 million. Products included fisheries products, water, wood, machinery, and chemicals. Speaking at the American Chamber of Commerce, Fiji/USA Business Council annual general meeting yesterday, US Ambassador to Fiji Frankie Reed said there was room to improve trade. She noted that American businesses had interests in Fiji mahogany and in the sugar industry, with the acquisition of sugar buyer Tate & Lyle by American Sugar Refining. Reed said American investment includes the indigenous Native American participation in the new casino in Fiji.

SUSPICIOUS CHANGE IN FIJILIVE POLLS. For the last three days FijiToday has been watching the FijiLive poll recently and at 3pm today it was sitting at 63% saying  former politicians be allowed to contest the 2014 general elections and 36% opposed. It has been sitting around these figures for all of the three days.By 5pm the poll suddenly changed to the percentages below. Should former politicians be allowed to contest the 2014 general elections?  Yes  48%  No  52% 

CONTROVERSIAL MINING IN NAMOSI. The Namosi Joint Venture (NJV) is exploring for mineral resources in the Namosi and Naitasiri provinces approximately 30 kilometres west of Suva.No mining is currently taking place. Exploration activities are currently focused on two ore bodies in the Waisoi area in the Namosi Province which contain copper, gold, and molybdenum. Highly prospective copper and gold mineral deposits have also been identified in the Waivaka Corridor and other areas.

The Waisoi Project is in the exploration and pre-feasibility stage which involves a considerable amount of drilling, technical studies, community consultation and stakeholder engagement. Mining will not commence at Waisoi unless the Government approves a mine to be built and issues a mining lease.  The NJV will then decide if the Waisoi mine can be developed and operated economically and at an appropriate environmental, social and safety standard.

Fact Sheet from NJV
• No relocation of villages
• No use of, or impact to, the Sovi Basin
• No cyanide or mercury to be used during the copper
• Tailings storage facility to be located in Wainavadu
Valley (closest point around six kilometres from
Delailasakau village)
• Wainavadu waste rock storage facility to be located in
Wainavadu Valley (closest point around three kilometres
from Delailasakau village after 25 years of mining)
• Up to 2,000 construction jobs and around 900 - 1,200
operational jobs
• Approximately US$1 billion to build the mine.

 -- Rishab Nair posted in Fiji Economic Forum, Facebook.


Mahen 'Robin-Hood' Chaudhry said…
Mahen 'Robin Hood' Chaudhry said...
This shows once again how power hungry, greedy, unprincipled, corrupt, and untrustworthy Mahen Chaudhry is.

If Bainimarama executed a coup to escape murder charges, Chaudhry joined his regime to escape tax evasion charges.

It makes one sick to the stomach to hear this chameleon now calling for elections when he aided and abetted Bainimarama's treasonous act and benefited from it.

Chaudhry must not escape this time. This corrupt liar and thief who gave his son a government job, his in-law a senate seat and dodged taxes must be charged with treason.

Like me, many of his followers all
these years have been swallowing his bullshit and donating funds but not any more.

No one should believe his call for democracy. It is a calculated move to discredit the Bainimarama regime and nullify tax evasion charges brought against him by this regime.

We do not need Chaudhry's insincere calls for elections: the Bainimarama regime is already discredited, but not the tax evasion and treason charges that Chaudhry must face.
Anonymous said…
On Fijilive now Mahen's retort to Franks rather childish rant is published. It is very critical of the PM and military....AND IT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED. It's great to see the press start to have the courage to report this stuff but wouldn't it be good to see some other critics come forward. More valid ones than Mahen who forgets he supported and joined the military coup. Perhaps he is being vocal because his backis against the wall with him facing charges for offshore accounts. By the way when it suited the PM turned a blind eye to all this !

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