Muslim Network Stealing iTaukei Land: Targeting Racial and Religious Intolerance

Disinformation #2
Note for readers not fully versed in English.  Much in my comments is satire.
The misled Christian

A recurring theme in the anti-blogs, and Coup4.5 in particular, is the Muslim threat to Fiji. And the local instrument of this Muslim  penetration is the Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.  Well! With a name like that, it's obvious, isn't it?  Anti-blog readers already know that this Shaitan/Tevolo has his horns into Bainimarama, a misled but otherwise likable (see photo) Christian itaukei. Here's my take on their latest disinformation published on Friday (24/3/12) under the heading "Bainimarama makes merry while Khaiyum steals Fijian land."

Giving the landowners all of their money
Khaiyum's theft is apparently evident in the Cabinet decision to pay all land lease moneys equally to all landowners. This, according to Coup4.5,  undermines the chiefs and the Native (now ITaukei)Trust Board that previously kept close to 90 percent of rentals.

At a Bose Vanua meeting in Naitasiri last week the chiefs asked Frank Bainimarama to restore the old system. After a quick mobile call to Aiyaz (and a check that no one was watching), Frank suggested the chiefs "ask every member of their landowning unit if they agree to give more money to the chiefs." Only the cunning Aiyaz could have come up with such a smart answer. Right?

Laughing all the way to the land bank
Aiyaz's horns can also be seen in the setting up of the land bank in which government, intent on bringing more land into productive use, acts as the go-between between companies wanting to lease land and the iTaukei owners. Mataqali that agree to lease unused land to Government for 99 years receive government-guaranteed rentals, with no deductions. Government then leases the land to investors. 

According to Coup4.5, this all came about when Frank gave Aiyaz a "carte blanche to create the Land Bank, which quickly established a new system of rules to abolish the Native Land Trust Board and  allow 'the State' exclusive proprietorship..." So now, "Khaiyum and his power circle ... have their eye on Fijian land. To achieve his goal, Khaiyum has had to remove the bureaucracy in the land tenure systems to allow more flexible provisions favouring foreign investments.(He) has now not only eliminated Native Title Rights but has empowered the Muslim Network considerable powers to legitimatise its actions to govern Fiji indefinitely."

Most of this, of course, is nonsense. The ILTB still exists, landowners volunteer their land for lease, and they have a guaranteed return of all the rent money.  But there is sufficient truth to be believable.  There is a land bank, ILTB has been bypassed on rents, the chiefs now miss out on the larger share, and all rent money goes equally to all owners. Foreign investors, including a mining company, have taken up some of the leases. All this is fact.  The rest is Coup4.5 conjecture and disinformation.

But, not to deny Coup4.5 the last word:
In much of the recent information sighted by Coupfourpointfive, the Muslim Network is touted as a real threat to Fiji land ownership. Documents we have seen say the Network aims to control the mineral industry to further push landowners away by compensating them. (Huh?)

The instigator of it all of course is Khaiyum.


Anonymous said…
This is a desperate attempt by desperate people to incite. Reference to land and its purported alienation always worked in the past to galvanize support by creating fear. Even Ratu Mara did it for iTaukei unity and it worked, as fear drew the flock under him but once victory was achieved at the polls, the same person tapped the Constitution and claimed that Fijian land was secure and could not be alienated. Nothing has worked so far, so now the Muslims are being targeted whose interest in land is no less or no more than others. Such lies and distortions always force Governments to introduce controls and than those that break the rules complain.
The Floods of Noah and his Ark said…
Stuff and nonsense! Those who fail to act and express themselves with caution, who overplay their hands at bridge and other trivial pursuits, will reap the consequence. This is what instability means in practice. This is the harvest of instability. What else was expected? Floods equivalent to the Biblical Flood of Noah and his Ark? Mount Ararat bears witness to that purportedly historical event. Opportunists are now being cautioned. These floods will not abate until the advent of Eastertide 2012 - Maunday Thursday.
Jeeves would not approve..... said…
No interest in controlling the Mining Network: just the market in pink silk paisley ties! Do not think for one minute that Jeeves would approve?
Grey CupCake Icing for roads? said…
Talking of 'Pink Paisley' ties reminds one that the town of Paisley lies in Scotland nr Glasgow. Now Scotland is the Land of Roading Engineers bar none. In the distant past, Scottish and Welsh engineers built roads in Fiji to last. They did this 'on the smell of an oily rag' in a Colonial Administration. Their roads were tarmacadam and they lasted. Even in Scotland today despite generous EU subventions, tarmacadam continues (with passing places on the narrower roads). What is wrong with this? Why did we have to go somewhere providing what can only be described as "Disintegrating CupCake Icing - Uniform Grey"?

The roads of this Malaysian company are shocking and dangerous to drive. By Thursday, there will be very few of them left. A dead loss to the taxpayers who paid for them!
Anonymous said…
When you talk about muslims, all are not bad but this is the work of our AG. He has put most of the muslims personals in top positions like;- The AG, CEO of FBC,Fiji Pine, Airports Fiji, ATS, FIU, Fijian Holdings Ltd, FSC, PS for Election, PS for Fairtrade, Air Pacific, FEA, Unit Trust, Investment Fiji, Official Receiver and so on.
What is he trying to prove.
Anonymous said…
bai sack kaiyum now and you will win election without campaigning

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