Media Barons and Democracy

Fiji has it own example in the Fiji Times which has tried to influence political events, but this BBC review of the wiles of media barons Hearst, Beaverbrook, Murdoch and others makes the Fiji Times' efforts look tame.

"...on the one hand, a free press, devoid of censorship or any other form of government interference or regulation, is vital to the successful functioning of any nation that claims to be a democracy; but on the other hand, those freedoms may be abused by rich proprietors who use their newspapers to promote their own political agenda, or by journalists whose ethics are at best dubious and at worst deplorable"

A Point of View: Power struggles, politicians and the press


Ram Sami said…
Anyone who champions freedom of press in Fiji should read Takur Ranjit Singh's masters thesis.

The disgraceful conduct of Fiji Times editor and Rabuka's lover is one reason why there should never be an absolute freedom of the press
Fiji Times champion of skirt journalism said…
Russell hunter and Netani Rika encouraged skirt journalism at the Fiji Times and prostituted journalism to get good stories and carry out vendetta against chaudhry govt.

If anyone has any doubts check out the thesis by Thakur. It depicts the most shameful periods in the paper's history. It happened under Hunter/Rika watch. Blinded by their hatred for chaudhry, they stooped to the depths.

These two are a blight on journalism in Fiji. But they acting like paragons of ethics and champions of democracy on the international stage. As they say, nowhere but in Fiji. In Fiji nothing ever happens to crooked politicians so why not dodgy journalists? They have rights too.

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