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Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

                         Don't Get Sick

Overheard in the Lautoka market.

First man, “The Lautoka Hospital is always full on Mondays and Tuesday, and the doctors are so slow, we go in the morning and get seen in the afternoon.”

Second man, “Well, don’t get sick. Look after your health so you don’t have to go there.”

This is a common conversation that I hear in and around Lautoka. I also overheard similar remarks when I was in Suva CWMH on the weekend. People complain about how the hospital is always full and it takes a long time to be seen. They never look at the limited resources available or at their own life style that often caused them to get ill and needing medical attention. 

If people would look after themselves more, there would be less need to go to the hospital. And if more people looked after themselves, there would be fewer people at the hospital, calling on the help of its overworked staff and doctors. 

I want to repeat that last line again.


Idle or deadly gossip? said…
Welcome back, Allen!

Keeping well is a personal responsibility and a 'national duty'. In straightened times, we need to keep away from overburdened health clinics and hospitals. They run, after all, on taxpayers money - which is in very short supply. They also may offer more infections than treatments in prolonged waiting.

Interesting that you came by your information while in the market. Yes, a 'talanoa' in the marketplace is something we all do weekly even if it is in a supermarket. There is simply no substitute for it when all other forms of information are distinctly 'Sus'. Nothing like first hand gossip or information with some verifiable evidence.

So why is gossip now apparently a target in the Labasa Market and people advised that it falls under the ambit of the Crimes Decree? This would be regulation 'gone mad' and it smacks of Maoist China or Communist Russia. The Thought Police? The Stasi of E. Germany? Heaven forbid!

The Sin of Old is "Idle Gossip": no evidence, venomous, malicious and deadly. Everyday gossip is the oil of any society - a harmless and often beneficial pleasure and should remain so.
bring back Sharon said…
Hi Croz, Sorry way off topic...but felt a strong need to comment and would rather do it here than the other rubbish blogs..

Bring back Sharon please...

Whoever thought it was a good idea to give Colonel Tikoitoga the role of explaining government decisions of late should be sacked. First he explains that the military took over government to get rid of politics. Well here I was believing it was about removing corruption? Perhaps they have changed their minds after 5 years. They have had no success in finding the former PM or any ministers guilty of any corruption. Their best chance is their case against Mahen….the man they chose to be finance minister and sugar minister. The man they defended when it suited them.
Then Tikoitoga has a whinge about ‘politicians’ ganging up on the PM. Oh dear the poor little PM sitting there with more power than any other leader in the history of Fiji. The military removed, attacked, pursued and silenced these politicians for 5 years. Why on earth would the army at the end of that expect them to come out in praise of the Bainimarama or anything he has done? Get real Tokoitoga. And lets remember most of the military PM’s and his teams early actions where all about retribution and ‘getting’ any perceived threats.
Next Tikoitoga tells us all that Fiji was run by dirty politics and that the Bainimarama government is all about good governance. So next the Colonel will happily disclose how much the PM has decided to pay himself and his team or why a private company tales care of this? I don’t think so. Or perhaps he could explain the continued blow out in military spending year on year? I doubt it. What about the PM’s wonderful back pay?
If the PM wants to be an elected leader he is going to have to learn fast. If he truly believes in democracy he has to accept that Qarase, Chaudhry, Beddos even Rae may play a part. He can’t have and no one will accept a democracy where he chooses who can run.
He might be able to rule Chaudhry because he signed up to the “no one in the interim government” will be allowed to stand rule but that would mean ruling himself and his team out also.

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