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• CCF on State Proceedings Decree 
• PM Stops Namosi Mining Exploration 
•Allen Lockington Column  
• Those  Mysterious Tourist Deaths
• Bottled Venom:the Politics of Hate by Graham Davis.


One Fiji said…
This letter in today's Fiji Times perhaps deserves to go on the main page:

One Fiji

IT is so heart warming to note some of the good traits we still have as Fijians. I still see young and old men, when buses are full, giving up their seats to the elderly, to the young and to women and children regardless of race or ethnicity - it just happens instinctively.

I still see cars (no matter who is driving) pull over to the side whenever a hearse drives by with a funeral procession in tow - a sign of respect to the passed one - not something often seen in other lands.

I still see different ethnic groups cheer and cry and rally together whenever our rugby national teams take onto the field for yet another competition and feel the unseen patriotical bond we all share as one nation.

I still see everyone come together whenever we face natural disasters to help out our brother or sister in their time of need regardless; it always stirs my heart.

Fiji we still have hope. No matter our struggles, our shortfalls, we are indeed still one nation in many ways - and for that I am always proud to be called a Fijian.

Hennah Naco

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