PM’s on Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday and Coup4.5 on Muslims

Read the PM's address by clicking the heading  above and then run your eye over this incredible posting by Coup 4.5.  Where do these people get such cranky ideas? If they are still playing the race-religion card against Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, they should get a more educated person to write their script. I suggest you read each phrase carefully. I've added some comments in square brackets.

"Fiji is going through a false scenario of reforms and modernization to have a new Fiji. This was reiterated by the PM in his address during the November 2012 budget. Sadly it is bound to end up with civilization with darkness.[Uh?]

"The truth is Muslims, through Aiyaz Sayed Kaiyum, is colonizing Fiji. They are deceiving the people of Fiji using nice phrases and words such as modernization, a new Fiji without corruption, transparency, fairness to justify their staying in power. [Are these not desirable concepts?] Look at what has been happening:
  1. Muslim riding hard on power (RFMF) [There is one senior Muslim officer in the military that is 99% itaukei]
  2. Rule by decree [What has this got to do with Muslims?]
  3. Increase in the number of key positions in government being given to Muslims or those supporting Khaiyum [Name those in key positions. I can't think of any. Do "those supporting Khaiyum" include itaukei?]
  4. Weakening of Fijian institutions and culture and land ownership [Great Council of Chiefs, possibly. But nothing else, and  what has this to do with Muslims?]
  5. Nepotism [It was there before 2006. How is nepotism linked to Muslim influence? I can think of  only two possible examples but it could be the people were the best for the job.]
  6. Recruiting of non-Fijians, especially kaivalagis, to weaken Fijian's capabilities. [Ah! So it's the Europeans and not the Muslims? And how are they weakening itaukei "capabilities" whatever that means?]
"Wake up Fiji. Wake up to the radical changes in our beloved peaceful and friendly country. Regrettably, Banimarama will not do anything: only he knows why it is Yes sir, three bags full Sir!"


My Koran tells me so said…

You are being deliberately provocative. We shall not allow you a rise.

However, previously and very delicately, the proposition has been put that it never pays to overplay your hand in a hothouse atmosphere such as the one we inhabit in Fiji and especially now. Overplaying your hand can have calamitous consequences for the innocent. This is a serious and a solemn 'caveat'.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has just used the term "A travesty" with respect to the sabotaging of the Security Council Vote on Syria: by China and Russia. She is quite correct to do so. Hundreds of lives are being lost everyday.

Bridge is a very fine game played by the likes of Omar Sharif (Egyptian actor and Bridge Player)with consummate skill. Always move with a considered and nuanced hand in the entire area of ethnicity and religion. Be especially cautious that you are always aware of how others see and perceive you rself and your actions: less you be misunderstood and bring misfortune upon your own people. A failure of humility is always full of risk.

Have we yet seen Stephen Spielberg's film "War Horse"? It is a reminder of the great sacrifices made to afford us all Freedom from Tyranny in World War 1Men and horses succumbed in their thousands. World War 1 was a slaughterhouse. We should never forget. Our fathers and our grandfathers volunteered and some survived. They did not go to war to have us deprived of liberty and freedom of speech, freedom to access information and freedom to think as we choose and to articulate. They fought in Damascus and Benghazi and in the Battle of the Somme that we might have life and live it to the full.

We do not expect to be preached at by anyone. We expect those in authority (by whatever means) to be 'formed' persons in both their thinking and in their conduct. Education is just one leg of the stool. It is worth nothing without sound judgement.

Above all, we expect integrity of a high order from all who are paid by public money. We expect this in both their public life and in their personal life. Fiji is a small place. Like "Caesar's Wife" they shall be above suspicion!

The Prophet Mohammed (Peace be Upon Him) had little time for hypocrisy. My Koran tells me so.
Yea yea said…
Seriously Croz, I'm no fan of the military government (as per my many posts to your site) but please just ignore this sort of rubbish. It really doesn't need any extra airtime.
Graham Davis said…
Yes, Croz, this marks a new low for Coup 4.5 - a deliberate and wilful attempt to inflame religious and racial divisions in Fiji.

I, for one, could scarcely believe what I was reading; the Fijian equivalent of a Nazi hate sheet. Imagine the outcry if an anonymous Muslim said the same about Christians?

I've written a letter of protest in my own name on the Coup 4.5 comments section. Let's see if they publish it. These people preach democracy and freedom yet routinely censor contributions they don't agree with.

Shame is sometimes in lamentably short order in Fiji but this really takes the keke. These people pose as journalists but they're a disgrace to the media. Truly unbelievable.
Response to My Koran said…
What the hell is 'My Koran tells me so 'going on about? Can he/she speak plain English?

Sounds like gibberish coming from a demented mind. I am surprised Croz published this self-indulgent claptrap.

The issue here is Nazi-style hate speech and propaganda designed to promote religious and racial hatred.

Coup 4.5 is committing a hate crime. Most nations view this as a very serious offence, and for very good reasons.
Racist ponce said…
Don't you love the implicit threat by "My Koran tells me so" of "calamitous consequences for the innocent" if anyone dares question the kind of crap we're subjected to by 4.5? So what does that mean you goon. That if you and your kind can't utter whatever racist rubbish you like, certain people might go on the rampage? Listen up, you moron. You are the best advertisement there is for maintaining military rule indefinitely. I want a boot on your throat and the throats of anyone in Fiji who threatens other people under that supercilious veneer of sophistication of yours. Is that provocative enough for you? Just try it and see what happens.
Kahukiwa said…
@Graham Davis said...

Have to agree, a terrible piece by Coup 4.5.

Reminds me of the rubbish Graham Davis wrote a while ago where he asserted, without any evidence, that the only people who disagree with the current regime are those elites stripped of the privileges and perks of power or that Brij Lals' politics are determined by whoever he happens to be sharing a room with.
John Adams said…
'...I've written a letter of protest in my own name on the Coup 4.5 comments section. Let's see if they publish it. These people preach democracy and freedom yet routinely censor contributions they don't agree with....'

Funny, the regime you have previously defended has been doing exactly the same thing for the last 5 years. Reminds me of Great leader allegedly complaining that the results of the recent phone poll were 'undemocratic'.

You guys are hilarious.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Kahukiwa ... I think you have changed what Graham said. He certainly did not use the word "only" and he certainly said no such thing about the reason for Brij's changing views which, incidentally, have not changed. But he did doubt rhe sincerity of some opposed to the Bainimarama Government and he did question Brij and Jon Fraenkel's association, as shown in a photo, with one particular member of the former government.
Adam's a******* said…
John Adams. the issue here is the hypocrisy of 4.5 for engaging in censorship itself as it castigates the regime for doing so.

I see you haven't said anything at all about the article itself. So I take it that you not only condone hypocrisy but religious and racial hatred.

Vinaka vakalevu, bro. You're the kind of person we got rid of. Enjoy your exile.
Kahukiwa said…
I'll take your word for it Croz - I don't have the Davis piece at hand though I do recall he implied opposition to the regime was much more limited than it actually is.

However associating Brij with a particular person on the strength of a photo is a bit flimsy.
Fiji Muslims said…
Fiji Muslim society contribution to Fiji

Fiji Sun - 7/02/2012


Seeing the many religions in Fiji working together to mark every celebration in Fiji has won the praises of First Secretary High Commission of India Udai Rao.
Speaking at the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday celebrations in Labasa yesterday, Mr Rao said Fiji’s rich blessing was through the different races in Fiji, having to work and live together in peace and harmony.

“From Christmas to Diwali and even Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday, I have seen it being celebrated by all the races in Fiji,” Mr Rao said.

“The Muslim population in Fiji may not be large but it has contributed to the economic progress of this nation.

“They have blended with different races all around the world and in Fiji they have worked hard to build a multi-ethnic country.”

Mr Rao also remembered the many people who were affected by floods nationwide and to those who were unable to mark Prophet Muhammad’s birthday.
“We must reach out to the underprivileged and I am sure that is a teaching of the Prophet, and we hope that the people affected by this weather are safe.

“I have come to understand their values and traditions by mingling with then and the Vanua Levu Muslim League president, Al Haaj Bashir Khan, has been a good friend of mine.”

In years to come, he said the Vanua Levu Muslim League and the High Commission of India would form an everlasting bond of friendship.
Anonymous said…
just when you think the morons at coup 4.5 cant go any lower, they pullout a gem. this is the same type of journalism fiji times use to practice until its last owner got kicked out lolz
Bring it on said…
Bring it on. Looks like this war is a long way from over. If you, Davis or khaiyum can't handle the heat then get out of the kitchen.
Suva Resident said…
I believe that the nonsense in the blogs will continue until the regime allows an open, inclusive and meaningful dialogue and stops harassing potential opposition. In fact I'd go a step further! I sense that the pressure is building and the hateful statements in the blogs and also those spoken in the shadows in Suva could erupt into violence as we see it in Syria and elsewhere. It is not too late yet, but the regime is pushing it. And by all means, do censor this comment if you feel it does not fit your blog.
snoopy said…
Coup 4.5 really has no credibility.
john adams said…
@Adam's a******* said...

The article speaks for itself - such rubbish doesn't need commenting on.
Sorting views and persons non-grata said…
@ Suva Resident says....

A restrained and reasonable based on evidence. However, were 'the regime' to permit and to encourage "open, inclusive and meaningful dialogue" as suggested they should and ought, there is no guarantee that other elements would not see to it that this is waylaid or those who take part are 'sorted' (to use a colloquial and term now in common use)?

By leaving things so late and having PER umbrella for almost three years, the 'sorting' of people with views inimical so some is a likelihood. 'Suva Resident' has cottoned on to this. By the way: the means of 'sorting' is multiple and often nefarious. No doubt about that.
No excuse! said…
John Adams, you are totally wrong. This notion that if you don't comment on something that it will go away is nonsense. Tell that to the Jews or any other persecuted minority.

No, we must take the fight to the persecutors every time, expose their agenda and fight, fight, fight against racism and religious persecution.

In the case of Coup 4.5, they need to be shamed into not allowing this stuff to ever be published again. Otherwise it just fuels the extremists.

Your logic is the same as someone who stands there watching their house burn down. Do nothing and it will eventually burn itself out. Of course, that's true. But as far as I can see, racial intolerance in Fiji isn't yet out of control and we need to stamp on it as surely we would on the first sparks of a fire.

Otherwise it's the destruction of Fiji, of everything we hold dear and the future for our kids. Thank God that Frank Bainimarama knows this. God Bless him.

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