News and Comments Wednesday 22 February 2012

Clockwise: Lal, Hunter, Peters, Hughes
ERRATUM. Apologies to RealFijiNews for including them among the anti-blogs that published the Lal-Hunter article.  It was RawFijiNews.

But what a reaction to my error!  "Crosbie Walsh needs to visit a Psychiatrist or an Optometrist...The above is what the anti democracy, anti freedom, anti human rights, anti rule of law, anti good governance, pro Frank Bainimarama dictatorship blog Crosbie Walsh has falsely alleged Real Fiji News had published. Perhaps someone in NZ could kindly wheel this anti democracy blogger to the nearest psychiatrist or optometrist because we published no such article and therefore are not obliged to publish any such response to same."  I would also have apologized on their blogsite but they appear to have made no provision for readers' comments.

PETERS REJECTS CLAIMS  NZ was planning to arrest Bainimarama.

. "Do you think the Department of Roads is doing enough given the poor state of roads across the country? Yes 6%, No 94%."

Former military Land Force Commander Pita Driti has pleaded not guilty to two counts of uttering seditious comments and one count of inciting mutiny at the High Court in Suva last Friday. The case called before High Court judge Justice Paul Madigan was adjourned to March 16 for mention and his bail has been extended. [Co-defendant Ratu Tevita Mara is presently indisposed overseas.]

The Ba Provincial Council supports the call for a kava ban for three weeks in flood affected areas in the West. In the absence of a declaration of a public health emergency, several villages have banned yaqona sessions, church and other mass gatherings, and movement in and out of their villages.  Seven people have so far died in the west from flood related diseases.

Yesterday the Fiji Broadcasting Commission reported the Health Ministry would only implement the public health emergency in the West if the number of confirmed cases of typhoid, leptospirosis and dengue were tripled. It quoted permanent secretary Dr Eloni Tora as saying that many of the confirmed cases were already in existence before the floods. "Before the floods there were 18 confirmed cases of typhoid which has increased to 20, dengue fever had 16 confirmed cases before the floods and this number has increased by six to 22, while leptospirosis had 27 confirmed cases before the flood with the number now standing at 28," the FBC reported. It said the ministry said the situation was under control and there was no need yet for the implementation of a Public Health Emergency.

MOST (82%) DEATHS DUE TO NCDs. Food processors, distributors and manufacturers have joined hands with the Health Ministry in its battle against Non Communicable Diseases. NCD Advisor Dr Isimeli Tukana says a major concern is the increase in fast food consumption, and at a meeting in Suva yesterday food distributors agreed to find ways to reduce the fat, sugar and salt levels in all food products they sell to the public.

OOPS!  More "good news" from FijiToday: "82% of Fiji's population continue to die every year [sic!] from Non Communicable Diseases."  So, next year only 18% will be left? See above for how they got it wrong. 

OOPS! I THINK SHE MEANS THE OPPOSITE.  "The impact of the mass media encompasses about 80 per cent of the country's population but with the arrival of new technologies, this number is quickly diminishing, say Fiji Media Watch president Asilika Uluilakeba."Fiji Times.


Proud fijian said…
I think Fiji today were commenting on an original headline from Radio fiji on their Website saying that 82% will die from NCD.

An apology to Fiji Today as well?
sara'ssista said…
'Permit refused for Methodist Church meeting', please tell me this is progress, pleae inform me where else in our region do you need a permit to hold a church meeting of any kind.
Shifty-shaper said…
Say what you will about Hunter and Lal, they at least are brave enough to post their claims under their own names.
Unlike the rest of us who cower behind the cloak of anonymity while we cast stones from the shadows.
Barely sober said…
@ Proud fijian: Croz only operates with evidence, don't you Croz? Good luck finding the offending story on FBC's website - no record of it exists, though I did visit the site before the webmasters got their mitts on it and saw said story resplendent in its confused headline. O, but to have taken a snapshot of the page!
Disabuse yourself! said…
@ Shifty-shaper....and being brave

Be perfectly sure that there will be no anonymity soon! The evidence on Hunter and Rika is too strong to store in the shadows. And submissions were made without anonymity in 2009. Some were damning. So, disabuse yoursel
The nasty smell of Organised Crime said…
@ Shifty-shaper..

More information to hand concerning organised crime raising its ugly head again in a specific location. So, the legacy of Hunter and Rika lives on?

The multi-heads of organised crime are now emerging in one form or another if not daily then weekly. A Hydra-like manifestation which exposes those who fail to confront it. Can Fiji Tourism survive this voracious appetite for threats and personal violence?

And what do the Chambers of Commerce have to say about it? Their conspicuous silence and/or pussy-footing around it suggests a nasty smell emanating from some commercial cupboards.
Response to Shifty Shaper said…
Spare us the moralising about 'cloak of anonymity' please Shifty Shaper. Where were you when Hunter and Rika hid behind democracy and press freedom to carry out a vindictive campaign against the Labour Government? Cheering from the sidelines perhaps?

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