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Fiji and the French Connection



Mon ami a appris said…
Anonymous said…
Anybody been to Wallis and Futuna.

Boy oh Boy.

France can colonise us any time baby.

Tooooo Gooooood

You would have rocks in your head to want independence.

French not cheapline like the Poms, Ozzies and Kiwis.
Anonymous said…
'Unlike the Australians, etc.' -- how so? The Aussies, too, gave overflights after the previous big flood.

s/ Dakuwaqa
Islands in the Stream said…
Time to humbly ask Les Francais 'just over there' in New Caledonia for Emergency Disaster Health Assistance: Public Health and Hygiene, Quarantine assessment, Ban Absolue on the drinking of Yaqona anywhere in the immediate flood disaster area (or in any district previously infected by typhoid). Commissioner Western Cawaki to act upon his best instincts: he is quite right. Impose the Bans for as long as it takes. Human life comes before the drinking of kava.

In olden times, it was always known that we have carriers of typhoid. Some of us know the villages where the carriers are born and spread the deadly disease quite without knowing that they do:they are symptomless. However, they were regularly and routinely identified and then medicated to prevent the spread of infection. Have we been doing this in the past thirty years or so? If not, why not? We should be regularly testing and the cost must be borne from taxation.

A Tourism Industry that is reputable will always insist upon upfront disclosure of communicable diseases to ensure that credibility and risk management are maintained with integrity. Unless of course we intend to go back to "Travellers" who are generally intelligent and sufficiently well informed to guard themselves with vaccinations and good medication and hygiene against the most severe risks. They do this at their own expense and before they arrive (examination of vaccination papers to be applied at all ports and airports).

Think of The Plague; Think of Cholera and "Death in Venice". There is a lesson contained there. Commander Cawaki is right. Pay attention and let him call The Shots based on sensible and latest health advice. Quarantine the affected areas and treat the sick in specialised quarantine wards: No Visitors.

Then approach autrefois Les Francais to assist. They really do have the wherewithall! In November 2000, they sent in a spanking new Frigate to Lautoka full of charming officers (some female and English-speaking) and the most wonderful cuisine. Far more class than anything on offer in Fiji's challenged Five Star resorts. Why are we attempting to protect them? They would do well to learn a thing or two from the French Navy's "Savoir faire".

The French are part of the Pacific Neighbourhood. They are historically adapted to the tropics and they run good administrations with a minimum of corruption. They are good at science and they "know their stuff".

Do you recall anyone advising you to desist from taking aspirin in a Dengue Fever Outbreak? Well they ought to. They used to back in 1970!
SOE said…
@ Anonymous and Aussie overflights...

In the mist of the 2009 floods, TVNZ came up to report (good of them!). During an interview, it was made clear that floods are Natural Disasters and these are not political. They affect all and sundry. The humanitarian nature of a natural disaster requires effective assistance from any willing quarter.

The Australian Government responded the very next day with AU$3.5m assistance. The TVNZ programme had been broadcast in Australia.

That is precisely whey the liberal dissemination of information is a feature of the free, civilised world. It permits creative and imaginative responses to situations thus promoting the smartest outcomes.

Thank you Australia for the assistance in 2009 and now. People are beginning to die from the 2012 flooding. Our home is a mouldy wreck of its former self. Fiji needs assistance yet again.

An Entente Cordiale between Fiji and France should be no hindrance to all sensible assistance and advice?

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