Details of Constitutional Processes at End of Month

Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, who is currently touring flood affected areas in Fiji, will provide details regarding the timeframe and methodology of the country’s constitutional consultation process, as well as the composition of a Constitutional Commission, in the fourth week of February. 

Recent flooding and the continuous weather situation have created obvious logistical complications which will amongst other things, prevent Fijians, in particular those affected by the inclement weather, from fully participating in the process.

However, the Prime Minister looks forward to the commencement of this important process once Fijians have recovered from the recent natural disaster. It should be noted that the Bainimarama Government is still ahead of the timelines that were identified in the Strategic Framework for Change in the lead up to the Parliamentary Elections.

The Bainimarama Government has selected CODE Inc. from Canada to carry out the electronic voter registration. CODE Inc. is expected in the country next month.

The Bainimarama Government has also welcomed an apolitical United Nations Needs Assessment Mission to assess the technical requirements for the Parliamentary elections. The Mission is also expected in the country next month.


For more information on Government events and decisions log onto the official Government portal


Anonymous said…
Croz, have you read FLP's statement on the "parliamentary priviledge" decree?? Are you going to post it to your blog?? If not, why??
Croz Walsh said…
@ Anonymous ... I'll spell it out. Please read the post immediately BEFORE the post on which you made your comment. Look at the words highlighted in red, and then click on "click here." Please also excuse me if I'm sometimes impatient with comments like yours that are numerous and time-wasting. More often than not, they come from those who are so violently opposed to the Bainimarama government that they wrongly impute motives into statements or postings from people like me whose aim is to help Fiji move forward (and not return to the sad state of affairs under the Qarase governnment). The current situation is far from perfect. The question is now best to improve it.
How best to improve it said…
You ask how best to improve the situation in Fiji where those with guns have deposed a legitimately elected government? Just cast your eyes at Libya or Iraq. Dictators and their families were simply evaporated. Worked well.
Anonymous said…
What has FLP got to contribute? It is not a democratic party led by a known dictator who is the cause for political instability and fueling of racial tensions in Fiji. Besides, it prides itself in being a multiracial party but it had only the support of known nationalists who joined FLP because they did not find space in the gravy train and FLP embraced them as great champions of multiracialism in Fiji. Some of them included Poseci Bune, even Tupeni Baba had no difficulty in joining Qarase when he lost his battle against dictator Chaudhary. Do not give any space to FLP because it knows getting space in your respected columns gives them exposure that they do not have on their own site.
Silly Us! said…
A consultation with whom? Simpletons, Ninnys, Nincompoops and Nit Wits. What a farce! The Pirates of Penzance let loose by decree and we are all funding the show?

Silly us!
Kahukiwa said…

Agree with you entirely about the need to read your instructions clearly - how hard could it be?

But I must beg to differ on one point - you aren't suggesting that the situation today is better than what it was under Qarase?

Surely there has to come a time when you stop using the alleged shortcomings of the Qarase administration as justification for the present 'far from perfect' situation.

I'm not holding a torch for Qarase but even this regime, as corrupt and as economic with the truth as it is, has yet to engineer any convictions, in a court of any description, against Qarase.
Anonymous said…
FLP blogsite is no different to coup 4.5 both have gatekeepers and if you make a contrary comment, it is not published. Chaudhary is a shameless politicians who still sticks around, not for his people, but for himself. His lust for power, greed and selfishness has no bounds. He used the poor in Fiji to become a multimillionaire and hid the money away from their sight and reach in Australia. He thinks that he can fool all the people all of the time. He was part of the regime initially but when kicked out he began biting its heels. Chaudhary politics has left the Indo-Fijian community high and dry. Because of him, the whole community is despised and distrusted.
Wastrels! said…
Too true! Anonymous and your remarks about the FLP website and everything to do with the Fiji Labour Party over many years - 25? - are absolutely correct. The Fiji Labour Party was never a truly multiracial party as it ought to have been. It was filled with self-aggrandizing, often academic wannabes. How do we know? Because most of our household voted for them. They are now sorrier and wiser. It is not our habit to indulge in "We told you so" but it is sad that Fiji lost so much time over such an assortment of wastrels. Now is the time to out these people. Many of them are still around just waiting for the opportunity to return.
sara'ssista said…
You annot require multiracial parties, or attitudes. There are very fewa, very few that are middle class and talke freely about a race free egalitarian fiji. Fijians will alwayts think they have a special place as the indigenous majority with a special connection to the land, indigant of their percieved laziness and indians will forever feel aggrieved that they are not welcome or accepted as legitmate steakholders (just visiting)and that others are jealous of their commercial success.I don't see anywhere, where this has changed. perhaps there should be some polling done on attitudes on the ground and i doubt i would be surprised. As previously suggested, fijians polling fijians and indians polling indians, on condition of anonymity.We cannot just change labels and wish it all away.

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