Vodafone Responds to "Is the Military Tapping Phones?"

Bula Croz,
Our PR team has issued the following statement to add to the story on wire tapping. >>  

" Firstly, thank you for a much better researched story on phone tapping.  Your story titled “Is the Military Tapping Phones” makes for interesting reading albeit for a few discrepancies in relation to Vodafone Fiji that we would like to correct.
Under subheading  “Mobile Voice”, the editor /writer of the story states that …”Vodafone Fiji has the technology to monitor mobile calls but I do not think they can listen in on conversations.”     Whilst the writer has correctly stated Vodafone Fiji cannot listen in on conversations, it has wrongly assumed that we have the technology to monitor mobile calls.  
We wish to state once more that we do not have the technology or the capability to listen to mobile phone conversations on our network.   We do not wish to compromise with customer confidentiality at any time.
The writer also goes on to state in the same article that SMS, which he refers to in the article as Short Memory Services (correct term being Short Message Service) are kept by “ Vodafone and Telecom for several days and can be easily read”.  THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT!
Vodafone DOES NOT store nor keep in its system copy of any SMS message exchanged between the sender s and the receivers.  The only person/s who have a copy of the SMS message on their mobile phones is the sender and the receiver of that message.  "

Aslam Khan
CEO Vodafone Fiji 


Anonymous said…
Which then Begs the Question:

Why then is Tevita Mara so sure that Vodaphone did tap phones when Vodaphone is denying they poseess such a capability?

Someone is lying here.

Any bets as to who should we believe?
taking over government by force said…
Just reading that Mere Samisoni + 3others have been charged with "Conspiring to over throw by force of violence the government of Fiji".

I have no idea if this is true or not. If she is found guilty and sent to prision then you would have to ask why should Frank & his military team face the same charges and same prison time + some.

Frank didn't just conspire to over throw the government of Fiji. He actually did it, with force and the whole of Fiji and the rest of the world saw it.

Our PM talks about a fairer Fiji so I do hope if one is found guilty so is the other.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Mr Vodaphone for the quick response. Perhaps he should be the new PS Information ? Maybe we could get some answers on how much the PM and team decide to pay themselves, why a private company organises this and how come the PM failed to take any leave while in the RFMF ?

PS I'd still be very careful making any comments about military or PM on the phone or anywhere.
Anonymous said…
@taking over government by force

Areh baya, you on the wrong thread. What has Mere Samisoni got do with allegations of phone tapping by that useless Tongan, Tevita Mara ?
Public to Private Gain said…
Our communications have never had integrity. We may be certain of that since well before 2006. Everyone and his/her dog has been listening in. They were doing so back in 2000/2001 and 2002. How silly of us to put up with it! And some of us put up with the crazy, conflicted interest shareholding and monopoly of ATH? What more did we expect? An abuse of public money for private gain.
Aslam Khan said…
it is the truth .. there is absolutely no monitoring of any calls happening @ vodafone . we simply don't have the intercept feature or the LI facility to enable us to do it .
It's hot air and malicious rumoring being created by people to maligning Vodafone . I can also say with certainty that no other network is involved in any monitoring activity as they don't have full LI [legal intercept equipment] capability .

Aslam Khan
Anonymous said…
So There We have straight from the Horses Mouth!!!

Tevita Mara is a liar.

He can add that perjorative to his other credentials eg human rights abuser, absconding debtor, fugitive, military deserter, unemployable, bludger (on the Tongan people), LIAR etc etc.

As that saying goes; "one minute a rooster, next minute a feather duster".

Vakaloloma dina.
sara'ssista said…
Tevita Mara would be the same 'liar' that was so reliable, truthful, incorruptable, important , so defended, so necessary in this regime when it suited. Imagine how many are still there that still claim that, but we know better, don't we. How many now have fallen foul but we weren't even told the truth about it at the time, but given garbage from the Ministry of mis-Information. How many military,police, judges, magistrates, civil servants, CEO's, directors have left for 'family reasons'?? And they have the gall to talk about the media reporting the facts?? Oh dear.

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